List of all Female Convicts Transferred Between 1st January and 31st July 1832, Inclusively

(Note: 5 lists separate appear below.)

List One

1302. ABRAHAMS ELLEN, Palambam, allwork, to G. Morris, George-st.

1303. Atcheson Ann, Edward, needlewoman, to James Smith, Sydney

1304. BODEN ALICE, Competitor, cooks and washes, to Lieut. T. Bedwell, Sydney

1305. CATTERALL MARY A. Earl Liverpool, barmaid, to W. Challoner, Sydney

1306. Cremin Mary, Palambam, dairymaid, and all work, to George Muir, Maitland

1307. Coffin Margaret, Princess Royal, plain cook, to William Bruce, Sydney

1308. ELLA ANN, Sovereign, barmaid, to S. A. Perry, Sydney

1309. FAGAN MARY, Princess Royal, allwork, to David Smith, Sydney

1310. GEARY MARY, Kains, housemaid and allwork, to Robert Day, Sydney

1311. Grimes Ann, Hooghley, housemaid, to M. D. Kelman, Kirkton

1312. Gilligan Mary, Palambam, housemaid, to Lieut. Innis, Sydney

1313. HAMILTON MARY, Palambam, house and kitchen maid, and cook, to D. Murray,

1314. Hogan Margaret, Hooghley, laundrymaid, and housemaid, to Jane Wright, Sydney

1315. JOHNSON JANE, Asia, needlewoman, to Mr. Hoodle, Sydney

1316. Johnson Ellen, Edward, housemaid, to D. A. C. G. Goodsir, Sydney

1317. KEILY ANSTANTIA, Elizabeth (4), house servant, to T. S. West, Sydney

1318. LARTIR HARRIET, Louisa, washer-woman, chair woman, to S. Hughes, Sydney

1319. MASSEY SARAH, Palambam, needle-woman, and dairymaid, to F. Sutland, Sydney

1320. McCollon Isabella, Kains, allwork, to Ann Williams, Sydney .

1321. Murphy Ann, Palambam, housemaid, to James Smith, Sydney

1322. Miles Eliza, Princess Royal, allwork, to F. W. Unwin, Sydney

1323. Miller Mary, Louisa, needlewoman, to T. Smeathman, Sydney

1324. SMITH SARAH, Princess Charlotte, housemaid, to Esther Shaw, Sydney

1325. Savage Catherine, Forth, allwork and dairywoman, to Ellen Wylie, Sydney

1326. Shaughnessy Margaret, Hooghley, kitchen maid, to Catherine Blackman, Sydney

1327. Smith Phoebe, Kains, housekeeper, and allwork, to Thomas Allen, Sydney

1328. Sheen Mary Ann, Earl Liverpool needle-woman, to William Bradley, Sydney

1329. THOMPSON HANNAH, Kains, laundry-maid, to Thomas Smithers, Sydney

1330. WILSON MARGARET, Asia, allwork, to William Smart, Sydney.

List Two

1331. ASHE SARAH, Lucy Davidson, boot closer, and cook, to J. Cox, Maitland

1332. BARRY MARY, Brothers, country servant, to James Boyle, Sydney

1333. CARROLL JANE, Hooghley, needle-woman and allwork, to J. Eagar, Sydney

1334. Catterall Mary Ann, Edward, housemaid, to Patrick Hogarty Sydney

1335. ELLIOTT MARY, Louisa, housemaid, and washes, to Hannah Hill, Sydney

1336. GRIFFIN MARY, Elizabeth, house-maid, to Mary Bell, Sydney

1337. HALES MARY ANN, Competitor, cook and kitchen maid, to T. Smith, Sydney

1338. Hughes Elizabeth, Competitor, servant of allwork, to Lieut. Wood, R. N., Maitland

1339. JOHNSON ELLEN, Edward, house maid to William Mitchell, Sydney

1340. Johnson Bridget, Elizabeth, washerwoman, to J. Simmons, Sydney

1341. PEARCE ELIZABETH, Mary Anne, house Servant, to William Kempton, Sydney

1342. SMITH ALICE, Hooghley, allwork, to George Sherbourn, Sydney

1343. Sanders Martha, Rosslyn Castle, straw bonnet-maker, to Mary Brown, Sydney

1344. Sullivan Margaret, Lucy Davidson, washer woman, to J. Simmons, Sydney

1345. WILLIAMS MARY, Forth, mantua maker, and allwork, to Mary Brown, Sydney

1346. Whiteside Mary, Palambam, house and dairymaid, to S. Siderham, Sydney

List Three

1347. BATES ANN, Princess Royal, allwork, to Catherine Rayner, Sydney

1348. Brown Mary A. Competitor, needle woman, to William Cairns, Sydney

1349. CARTER MARY, Asia, allwork, to James Curry, Sydney

1350. EVANS ANN, Princess Royal, nurse girl, to Ann Smith, Sydney

1351. Eskett Harriet, Earl Liverpool, house-maid and allwork, to J. Hamilton, Sydney

1352. HILL MARY, Lucy Davidson, all-work, &c., to John Sayles, Sydney

1353. MCDONALD ANN, Forth, dairymaid and allwork, to David Murray, Sydney

1354. PALMER LOUISA, Sovereign, house-keeper and cook, to E. Battersby, Sydney

1355. RYAN ELLEN, City Edinbro', laundry-maid, to Henry Rowly, Sydney

1356. SHEEHAN MARY, Hooghley, needle woman and allwork, to M. Boyne, Sydney

1357. Shelton Elizabeth, Pyramus, barmaid, to Samuel Layton, Sydney 

1358. TAILOR LESLIE, Lord Liverpool, housemaid, to Andrew Murray, Sydney 

1359. WHALE ANN, Grenada (2), house servant, to Hannah Johnson, Sydney 

1360. Walters Harriet, Kains, allwork, to M. Graham, Sydney 

List Four

1361. BOYD ELIZABETH, Pyramtis nurse-maid, &c., to Thomas Petty, Sydney 

1362. HAINNINGH HANNAH, Hooghley, Cook, to Caleb Wilson, Sydney 

1363. Hodgken Sarah, Pyramus, allwork, to F. Girard, Sydney 

1364. Hall Sarah, Lucy Davidson, dairymaid and allwork, to Mary Redman, Sydney 

1365. JOHNSON ELLEN, Rosslyn Castle, kousekeeper and cook, to C. Gibbons, Sydney

1366. Jones Ann, Pyramus, allwork, to D. Chambers, Sydney 

1367. McGRAW MARY, Earl Liverpool, dress maker, to E. Thomson, Sydney 

1368. Murphy Eliza, Edward, housemaid, to Hannah Watts, Parramatta 

1369. McCormack Catherine, Asia, allwork, to John Smith, Sydney 

1370. Martin Sarah, Pyramus, cook and laundress, to Mrs. Dick, Sydney 

1371. OLIVANT MARY, Pyramus, housemaid, to S. Lord, Sydney 

1372. O'HARA, ELLEN, John Bull, house servant, to George Walpole, Windsor 

1373. PHILLIPS DELIA, Rosslyn Castle, nurse girl, &c., to G. White, Sydney 

1374. PRENDERGAST MARTHA, Hooghley, allwork, to George Turner, Sydney 

1375. SMITH ANN, Hooghley, allwork, to W. Soole, Sydney 

1376. Smith Mary, Palambam, allwork, to C. T. Smith, Illawarra 

List Five

1377. ALLEN MARY, Hooghley, allwork, to John McNamara, Sydney 

1378. CORNWELL MARY, Lord Melville, servant, to Mary Moore, Sydney 

1379. DUNCAN MARY, Forth, needle woman, to Mary Kelly, Sydney 

1380. EAVES MARIA, Pyramus, allwork, to W. McArthur, Camden 

1381. HALEY MARY, Competitor, allwork, to Thomas Smith, Sydney 

1382. JONES HANNAH, Burrell, allwork, to Joshua Thorpe, Sydney, 

1383. KELLY MARGARET, Rosslyn Castle, dairymaid, &c., to T. Stephens, Sydney 

1384. LEE MARY, Mary, allwork, to James Dargin, Sydney 

1385. M'NAMARA MARY, Hooghley, all-work, to John McNamara, Sydney 

1386. Martin Elizabeth, Palambam, allwork, to W. Hopkins, Sydney 

1387. Mortimore Charlotte, Asia, allwork, to Thomas Deignam, Sydney 

1388. ROSS MARTHA, Kains, allwork, to D. A. C. G. Kennedy, Sydney 

Principal Superintendent of Convicts' Office, 
31st July, 1832.

Source: List of all Female Convicts Transferred Between 1st January and 31st July 1832, Inclusively (1832, November 21). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), p. 414.

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