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Reminiscences of the Old Coaching Days by a Native of Llandilo - New South Wales & Queensland

Alderman T. Coyle, of Annnndale, is a native of Llandilo, and will be 78 years of age on the last day of this year. He has a vivid recollection of the strenuous coaching days, and in some reminiscences given to the "Daily Telegraph" he says:—
"I think I am the only one of the old-timers left, and although I have been out of the firm for a good many years now, it is pleasant to think of the old stirring days. Men were men then, and fought their battles man to man.
"The first coach services I remember," went on the veteran, "were from Sydney to Penrith, run by rival proprietors, Bob Elliott and Crane and Co. Then there was a service to Bathurst, linking up with the Penrith route, run by a man named Minahan (whose nickname was "Scrawny Jack"), and another by Dinny Gaynor.
"Mr. James Rutherford, a man of great enterprise, bought out the lot. To give you some idea of his operations even in those early days, it may be only necessary for me to st…
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1848 Electoral List for the Town of Brisbane - District of Moreton Bay, County of Stanley, Queensland

Recording Name, Qualification (Property Type), and Where Property Situated
Adams, Thomas — Freehold — Kangaroo Point and New Farm

Ballow, David K. — House and Freehold — Brisbane

Binstead, Arthur — Household — Brisbane

Bow, David — Household — Brisbane

Byrne, George — Household — Brisbane

Bruce, John — Household — Brisbane

Boyland, Thomas — Household — South Brisbane

Bunton, David — Household — South Brisbane

Cannan, Kearsey — Household — Brisbane

Cannan, Richard — Household and Garden— Kangaroo Point

Connelly, John — Household — South Brisbane

Connelly, William — Household — South Brisbane

Coley, Richard J. — Household — Brisbane

Clarke, William — Household — Brisbane

Campbell, John — Household — Kangaroo Point

Cairncross, William — Household — Brisbane

Corbett, Timothy — Freehold — Brisbane

Davidson, Robert — Household — Kangaroo Point

Douglas, Robert — Household — Kangaroo Point

Duncan, W…

List of Shearing Contractors - Queensland - December 1935

(published in the Worker (Brisbane) 17 December 1935)
The following list of shearing contractors operating in Queensland is published for the information of members:

Alloway, Mrs. A. M., Hughenden.

Ashwin, A., St. George.

Barnes, A. D., Warwick.

Booringa Shearing Co., Mitchell.

Burow, F., Surat.

Campbell, W. H. L., Cunnamulla.

Cassels and Smith, Barcaldine.

Currie, Frank A., Isisford.

Decker, E. H., Clermont.

Dowie, L. B., Isisford.

Drabach, A. A., Roma.

Duffy, T. J., Barcaldine.

Egan, F. A., St. George.

Flanagan, Mrs. E. C., Cunnamulla.

Fraser, A. E., Wyandra.

Graziers' Co-op. Shearing Co., Barcaldine.

Green Bros., Surat.

Gregory Sheep Shearing Co., Winton.

Hall, B., Charleville.

Hardwick, Mrs. R. E., Winton.

Houghton & Stafford, Charleville.

Jones, Henry, Barcaldine.

Kershaw, B., Barcaldine.

Mackenzie, D. A., Barcaldine.

Mathews, W. A., Julia Creek.

Meekin, Ward, Matthias Ltd., Charleville.

Moran, J. J., Barcaldine.

Murray, J. K., Blackall.

Nee, J…

Reminiscences of Early Penrith Going Back to the 1830s (New South Wales)

The recollections of old Australian pioneers of the thirties and forties, like the stamps of the Plantagenet era, and the code Napoleon have an historic interest; but, unlike the out-of-date stamp, and the annals of the "Little Corporal," the pioneer's recollections have a vivid relation to the present. That is to say, our (Australian) present of which the "good grey pioneers"—some of whom are with us still, laid the foundations in what an early writer called the "ragged, ragged years" of our history. Recently our ("Nepean Times") representative had an entertaining chat with some of the notable old pioneers of Penrith, and from those trusty and genial elders of our country gleaned a sheaf or two of the immortal memories of the past. 
For instance, Mrs Robbins senr., remarkably bright, hale and hearty, in her 83rd year, and a very interesting raconteur to boot, hied back to the days when Australian civilisation…

Districts of Warrnambool 1888 - Biographical sketches of the Prominent Residents n the Immediate Neighbourhood of Warrnambool

Biographical sketches of the Prominent Resident in the Immediate Neighbourhood of Warrnambool.
Aberline, Adam, Wangoom, is a native of this colony, born in Warrnambool, where he has since resided on the estate bought by his father many years ago, near Wangoom. As showing the scarcity of the ordinary requirements of civilisation in the early days, it is a humourous tradition in the family that Mr. Aberline's mother (who is still alive) owned the first chair in the district. 
Adams, John, Purnim, is a native of the county Antrim, Ireland, who came out to Melbourne byt he ship Frankfield on 11th June, 1841. In 1851 he went to the goldfields at Bendigo, and remained there two years. After that he purchased at the land sale, Warrnambool, his present estate, Bushyfield, of 316 acres, near Wangoom, occupied it in 1853, and has been engaged in farming and dairying there since.
Adams, John W., Wangoom, is a native of that township, who took up his present place about three years since, and…

Warrnambool 1888 - Biographical sketches of the Prominent Residents of the Town and It's Immediate Neighbourhood

Biographical sketches of many of the prominent residents of the town.
Archibald and Bateman, Warrnambool. This firm consists of Mr. J. A. Archibald and Mr. W. H. Bateman, auctioneers and stock, station, and insurance agents. These gentlemen are both natives of Victoria (Mr. Bateman of Warrnambool), and both had extensive experience before establishing themselves in this branch of business in 1880. They are the local representatives of the Australian Mutual Provident Insurance Society of Melbourne.
Ardlie, William, Warrnambool, is a native of the colony, born at Moonee Ponds, near Melbourne, and educated at the latter place. He was articled in Warrnambool to Mr. George Barber, one of the earliest solicitors in the colony, passed his examination in Melbourne,and in 1867 formed a partnership with Mr. Barber, under the style of Barber and Ardlie. In 1878 the senior partner retired from the business, which Mr. Ardlie has carried on since in his own name, transacting the general business…


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