The New South Wales Calendar and General Post Office Directory, 1832

2417 Names of the Residence of New South Wales

*Denotes Members of Council  +Magistrates

AARONS, Joseph, Inn-Keeper, George-street
Abbott, John, Surveyor, Macquarie-street
Abrahams, Henry, Publican, Brickfield-hill
Acres, George, Heywood, Paramatta
Adams, J., Port Stephens
Adair, James, Patterson's Plains, Maitland
Adams, Francis, Maitland
Agars, William, George-street
Agars, Thomas, Phillip-street
Agars, James, Kent-street
Aird, William, George-street, Paramatta
Alcorn, Richard, Falbrook, Alcorn's Inn
Alderson, James, Surry Hills
Allen, Andrew, Bailey Park, Penrith
Allan, Nicol, King-street
Allan, David, Macquarie-place
Allen, George, Toxtith Park, Sydney
Allen, Richard, Castlereagh-street
Allen, Josiah, Miniature Painter, Castlereagh-street
Allen, Henry, Dealer, Pitt-street
+ Allman, Francis, senior, Rathuluba, Maitland
Allman, Francis, junior, Richmond, Windsor
Allman, John, Richmond, Windsor
Allman, J., Patterson's Plains, Maitland
Allman, J., Wheelwright, Brickfield Hill
+ Anderson, Mathew, Paramatta
Anderson, David, Bathurst
Anderson, D., Sail-maker, Kent-street
Anderson, Rev. J., Church-hill
Anderson, William, Kent-street
Anderson, Robert, King-street
Anderson, Thomas, Seven Hills, Paramatta
Anderson, Robert, Tinman, George-street
Andrews, J., Haberdasher, Pitt-street
Andrews, Joseph, Carpenter, Upper Pitt-street
Anly, Ferdinand, William's River
+ Antill, H.C. Jarvis-field, Stonequarry, Campbell Town
Appleton and Bourne, Haberdashers, Pitt-street
Arbour, Robert, Druitt-street
Archer, John, Clarence-street
Archibald, J., Pennant Hills, Paramatta
Armstrong, John, Clarence-street
Armstrong, James, Maitland
Armstrong, Thomas, Kent-street
Armstrong, Robert, Publican, Paramatta
Arndell, Thomas, Cat-eye Creek, Windsor
Arnold, J. W. Publican, Cumberland-street
Ashley, John, Liverpool-street
Ashton, Mrs. Clarence-street
Ashton, G. Publican, Market-street
Aspinall, Brown, & Co., Charlotte-place
Aspinall, N. Tallow Chandler, Elizabeth-street
Atherden, G. Shipwright, Cumberland-street
+ Atkinson, John, Merriworth, Bong Bang
Atkinson, James, Oldbury Argyle, Bong Bong
Atkinson, John, Raby Farm, Windsor
Atkinson, James, Wall Grove, Paramatta
Atkinson, Edward C. Wall Grove, Paramatta
Austin, J. Engraver, O’Connell-street
Austin, Henry, Publican, Paramatta Road
Austin, Alfred, Prince-street
Australian Company, George-street.
Australian Agri. Company, Carrington, Port Stephens
Ayton, Robert, Upper Pitt-street
Ayres, William, Paramatta

BADGERY, Mrs. South Creek, Penrith
Badgery, Henry, Bong Bong
Badgery, Andrew, South Creek, Penrith
Badgery, William, South Creek, Penrith
Bagshaw, William, Kent-street
Bailey, Henry, Bailey Park, Penrith
Bailey, Charles, Dealer, George-street
Baker, Mrs., Laundress, Bathurst-street
Baker, John, Blacksmith, Clarence-street
Baker, William, Maitland
Baker, Thomas, Publican, Phillip-street
Baldro, Samuel, Shoe-maker, Castlereagh-street
Baldy, Williamz Upper Pitt-street
Balcombe, William, Molonglo, Argyle
Baldwin, Henry, Freeman’s Reach, Windsor
Baldwin, Edwin, St. Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Ball, Robert, Lane Cove, Sydney
Ball , Andrew, Publican, George-street
Ball, Henry, Publican, Castlereagh-street
Bank of New South Wales, George-street
Bank of Australia, George-street
Banks, George, Prince-street
Barber, Samuel, Paramatta
Barber, James, Upper Pitt-street
Barber, George, Glenrock, Bong Bong, Argyle
Barker, William, Paramatta Road
Barker, Thomas, Miller, Sussex-street
Barker, James, Pitt-street
Barlow, William, Dealer, Brickfield-hill
Barnes, William, Church-street, Paramatta
Barnes, Andrew, O’Connell-street
Barnes, William, Publican, Kent-street
Barnes, William, Richmond, Windsor
Barnett, Lewis, Publican, George-street
Barnett, William, General Store, George-street
Barrett, J. George-street
Barry, William, Tailor, Kent-street
Barwell, J. Shoe-maker, Liverpool-street
Bassett, Thomas, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Bate, Richard, Upper Pitt-street
Bate, William, Upper Pitt-street
Bates, John, Baker, Kent-street
Bates, John, Milkman, Kent-street
Bates, John, Erskine-street
Bateman, Abraham, Currier, Phillip-street
Bateman, William, senior, Macquarie-street, Paramatta
Bateman, William, junior, George-street, Paramatta
Bax, Stephen, Tavern-keeper, George-street
Bean, James, Publican, George-street
Bean, William, Builder, Hyde Park
Bean, James, senior, Church-street, Paramatta
Bean, Willoughby, Brisbane Water
Beattie, Francis, Newcastle
Beattie, James, Erskine-street
Beddek, Francis, Solicitor, Claremont, Windsor
Bedwell, Lieutenant, R. N. Windmill-street
Beeson, John, Publican, Market-street
Beet, William, Cow-keeper, Kent-street
+ Bell, Archibald, senior, Bellmont, Windsor
Bell, Archibald, junior, Corindah, Darlington
Bell, William, senior, Claremont, Windsor
Bell, William, junior, Cheshunt, Darlington
Bell and Farmer, Prince-street
Bell, John, Maitland
Bell, Mrs. Tavern-keeper, York-street
Bell, George, Kent-street
Bell, David, General Warehouse, Pitt-street
Bemi, P. L. Prince-street
Bennett, Henry, Hyde Park
Bennett, H. A. B. Wellington Valley
Bennett, William, Shoe-maker, Market-street
Bennett, William, Baker, Paramatta
* Berry, Alexander, George-street
Berry, Zacharia, Tailor, Kent-street
Best, Thomas, Church-street, Paramatta
Best, George, Publican, Toongabbee, Paramatta
Betts, John, Merchant, King-street
Betts, John, Academy, Paramatta
Betts, Charles, Bathurst
Beveridge, John, Academy, Prince-street
+ Bettington, J. B., Darling Harbour
Biggs, Joseph, Lodging-house, Phillip-street
Binder, Richard, Newcastle
+ Bingle, John, Dartbrook, Darlington
Birch, Augustus, Windsor
Birnie, Captain, O’Connell-street
Black, John, Bank, New South Wales, George-street
Black, John, St. Clair, Patrick’s Plains
Black, Walter, Tavern-keeper, George-street
Black, James, Falbrook, Darlington
+ Blackburne, J., Maitland
Blackman, James, senior, Bathurst
Blackman, James, junior, Castlereagh, Penrith
Blackman, John, Publican, Penrith
Blackman, William, Publican, Windsor
Blackwell, W. and R. General Agents, George-street
Blackett, James, Bungarrabee, Penrith
Bland, W., M. D., Pitt-street
Blanch, James, Mathematical Instrument-maker, George-street
Blanchard, J. H., Miller, Paramatta
Blany, Patrick, Dealer, Macquarie-street
Blake, John, Dealer, Pitt-street
* Blaxland, John, Newington, Paramatta
+ Blaxland Gregory, Brush Farm, Paramatta
Blaxland George, Wallan Plains, Darlington
Blaxland, John, junior, Wollombi, Patrick’s Plains
Blaxland John, field of Mars, Paramatta
Bloodsworth, George, Publican, Sussex-street
Bloodsworth, J., Butcher, O’Connell-street
Bloomfield, Mrs., Maitland. 
Bloomfield, T. V., Dagworth, Maitland
Bloomfield, B., Surgeon, Upper Castlereagh-street
Blythe, William, Campbell Town
Board, Gregory, Publican, Kant-street
Boardman, Thomas, Maitland
Boardman, J., Cox’s-river, Collett’s Inn
Bodenham, Thomas, Auctioneer, George-street
Bodacin, P., Builder, Druitt-street
Bogg, Robert, Shoe-maker, York-street
Bond, Henry, Upper Castlereagh-street
Bond, William, Baker, Pitt-street
Bond, Henry, Brickfield-hill
Bones, Charles, Brewer, Pitt-street
Bonner, J., Bathurst
Boon, Nathaniel, Campbell Town
Boreham, John, Publican, George-street
Boston, E., Clarence-street
Boucher, Mrs. Liverpool
Boucher, Frederick, Saint Patrick’s Plains
Boucher, Charles, Wallis Plains
Bourke, Richard, Private Secretary to His Excellency the Governor, Government House, Sydney
Bourne and Appleton, Haberdashers, Pitt-street
Bowden Thomas, field of Mars, Paramatta
Bowden, Thomas, junior, Kissing Point, Paramatta
Bowen, Mrs., Windsor
+ Bowen, G. M. C., Windsor
Bowen, J. Dealer, Pitt-street
Bowen, Thomas, Saddler, Market-street
Bowen, John, Grocer, Market-street
Bowers, Thomas, Castlereagh-street
Bowerman, H. B., Paramatta
Bowley, Samuel, Kent-street
+ Bowman, James, M. D. Wolomoloo
Bowman, William, Inn-keeper, Bong Bong
Bowman, James, Ravenshaw, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Bowman, George, Goulburn Plains
Bowman, William, Richmond,Windsor
Bowman, John, Maitland
Bowman, George, Tailor, Pitt-street
Bowman, J., Upholster, Hunter-street
Boydell, Charles, Camgellin, Maitland
Boylan and Welsh, Book-binders, Phillip-street
Brabyn, Captain, York Cottage, Wi'ndsor
Brackenrigge, John, Cabinet-maker, Phillip-street
Brackenrigge, John, Publican, Phillip-street
Bradbury, William, Campbell Town
Bradrige, William, Carpenter, Phillip-street
Bradley, J., Academy, Paramatta
Bradley, Jonas, Windsor-road
Bradley, William, Goulburn Plains
Bray, Thomas, Concord
Bray, Thomas, York-street
Bray, James, Market-street
Brady, William, Cabinet-maker, York-street
Brady, E., Carpenter, Clarence-street
Brady, Daniel, Campbell Town
Brandon, Thomas, Sussex-street
Brennan, Mathew, Campbell Town
Brennan, Michael, sen., Campbell Town
Brennan, Michael, jun., Campbell Town
Brennan John, Tailor, Pitt-street
Brennan, Peter, Cooper, George--street
Brett, Thomas, Tavern-keeper, George-street
Brian Charles, Campbell Town
Brignall, Michael, Publican, Clarence-street
Brisbane, R., Saddler, Pitt-street
Brodie and Pennie, Cabinet-makers, Bridge-street
+ Brooks, Richard, Denham-court, Liverpool
Brook's, Henry, Hyde Park
+ Brooks, George, Newcastle
Brooks, William, Dalzeil, Maitland
Brooks, John, Dealer, Market-street
Brothers, John, Maitland
Brothers, Johnstone, Wallis Plains
* Broughton, The Venerable Archdeacon, Bunkers-hill
Broughton, Mrs., Campbell Town
Broughton, E, Campbell Town
Brown, Aspinall, and Co., Charlotte-place
Brown, John, Macquarie-place
+ Brown, William, Abbottsbury, Campbell Town
Brown James, Winburndale, Bathurst
Brown, John, Brownlee, Bathurst
Brown, C. L., Maitland
Brown, George, lllawarra
Brown, J. and T. George-street
Brown, James, Glebe Cottage, Sydney
Brown, David, Cumberland-street
Brown, George, Elizabeth-street
Brown, James, Pitt-street
Brown, J. W., Paramatta
Brown, James, Clarence-street
Brown, J., Sail-maker, Prince-street
Brown, J., Publican, Darling Harbour
Brown, James, Shoe-maker, Upper Pitt-street
Brown, Mrs. Feather-dresser, York-street
Brown, William, Painter, Park-street
Brown, J., Saddler, King-street
Brown, John, Painter, George-street
Brown, Thomas, Sussex-street
Brown, J., Mill-wright, Sussex-street
Brown, Abner, Fort Phillip
Brown, William, Erskine-street
Brown, John, Saint Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Brown, Joseph, Saint Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Brown, John, Publican, York-street
Brown, George, Campbell Town
Brown, M., Cap Manufacturer, George-street
Brownlow, Richard, Inn-keeper, King-street
Bruce, William, Publican, Pitt-street
Bruddo, F. Clarence-street
Brunton, Mrs., Hunter-street
Bryan, James, Clarence-street
Buchanan, Walter, Goulburn-street
Buckland, W., Maitland
Buckland, J., Campbell Town
Buckley, J., Prospect
Buckley, Edward, Moorfields, Liverpool
Bucknell, William, Swan-reach, Maitland
Bull, Joseph, Saint Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Bullivant, G. T., Publican, Church-hill
Bullock, John, Tailor, George-street
Bunker, Eber, Collingwood, Liverpool
+ Bunn, George, George-street
Bunbury, James, Clarence-street
Burbridge, William, Dealer, Castlereagh-street
Burbridge, J. Shoe-maker, York-street
Burdekin, T., York-street
Burge, Mrs. George-street
Burgin, William, Publican, Paramatta
Burgin, Henry, Blacksmith, Paramatta
Burke, William, Cambridge-street
Burke, John, Cabinet-maker, Cumberland-street
Burke, J., Kent-street
Burke, E., Kent-street
Burke, Robert, Campbell Town
Burke, Alexander, Shoe-maker, Phillip-street
Burke, William, Castlereagh-street
Burke, James, Upper Pitt-street
Burke, Thomas, Campbell Town
Burn, John, Richmond, Windsor
Burn, Thomas, Richmond, Windsor
Burn, J. Stone-mason, Bathurst-street
Burn, John, Cabinet-maker, Castlereagh-street
Burn, Aaron, Carpenter, York-street
Burn, James, Undertaker, Paramatta
Burn, William, George-street, Paramatta
Burns, Andrew, O’Connell-street
Burns, J., General dealer, Market-street
Burn, W., Upper Castlereagh-street
Burnell, Mrs. Midwife, York-street
Burnett, Mrs., Midwife, Prince-street
Burrell, John, Mastmaker, York-street
Burroughs, J., Kent-street
Burrowes, William, Liverpool
Burton, E., Butcher, Castlereagh-street
+ Busby, John, Wolomoloo
Busby, John, jun., Wolomoloo
Busby, George, Bathurst
Busby, Alex. Currah, St. Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Busby, J., Falbrook, St. Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Bushell, Paul, Pitt Town, Windsor
Buttell, John, Sussex-street
Butts, Robert, Dealer, Kent-street
Butt, William, Dealer, Cumberland-street
Butler, H. D., Elizabeth-street
Butler, A., Kent-street
Butler, James, O’Connell-street
Butler, James, Dealer, Market-street
Butler, Henry, Pitt-street
Butler, Laurence, Kent-street
Butler, Walter, Cabinetmaker, Castlereagh-street
Butcher, J., Tailor, Prince-street
Butchard, Peter, Plumber & Glazier, Castlereagh-st
Byers, Edward, O’Connell-street
Byrne, C., Upper Pitt-street
Byrne, Thomas, Sussex-street
Byrne, William, Campbell Town
Byrne, Charles, Campbell Town
Byrne, J., Publican, Cumberland-street
Byrne, Thomas, Upper Pitt-street
Byrne, James, Publican, Cambridge-street

CADMAN, John, George-street
Caesar, A., General Warehouse, York-street
Cahuac, H. St. John, Prince-street
Cahuac, John, Pitt-street
Cains, Thomas, Publican, Paramatta Road
Cains, William, Publican, Pitt-street
Cains, G., Dealer, Upper Castlereagh-street
Cains, Thomas, Sussex-street
Cains, E., Lodging-house, Clarence-street
Calagher, William, Constable, Upper Castlereagh-street
Calaghan, John, Dealer, York-street
Calthorpe, George, Kent-street
Cameron, Hugh, Dartbrook, Darlington
Cameron, Mrs., Lodging-house, Well-street
* Campbell, R., Campbell’s Wharf, George-street
Campbell, R., Bligh-street
Campbell, R. jun., Campbell’s Wharf, George-street
+ Campbell, J., Campbell’s Wharf, George-street
Campbell, R. jun. Bligh-street
Campbell, B., Harington Park, Campbell Town
Campbell, P. F., Essnoch, Darlington
Campbell, David, Maitland
Campbell, Richard, Cumberland-street
Campbell, M., Boot and Shoemaker, King-street
Campbell, J. D., Liverpool
Campbell, J., Liverpool Road
Campbell, J. Dunbar, Park-street
Canes, James, Maitland
Canning, John, Stonemason, Cumberland-street
Cape, W. G., Academy, King-street
Cape, John, O’Connell-street
Cape, R. C., O’Connell-street
Carmichael, J., Engraver, King-street
Carmichael, J., Baker, Clarence-street
Carmichael, Rev. H., Church Hill
Carney, George, Blacksmith, York-street
Carney, Felix, Carpenter, Upper Pitt-street
Carney, Laughlin, Clarence-street
Carrick, J., Pitt-street
Carrol, D., Shoemaker, Clarence-street
Carter, Wm., Elizabeth-street
Carter, Richard, Goulburn-street
Carter, Daniel, Baulkam Hills, Paramatta 
Carter, Thomas, Upper Pitt-street
Cartwright, Rev. R., Mary Vale, Liverpool
Caswell, Lieut., R. N., Port Stephens
Cave, William, Cooper, George-street
Cavenagh, J., Dealer, Brickfield Hill
Cavillon, Nicholas, Paramatta
Cerry, John, Blacksmith, Cambridge-street
Chap, J., Windsor
Chambers, D., Solicitor, Elizabeth-street
Chambers, C. H., Solicitor, Elizabeth-street
Chandler, Joseph, Bexley, Liverpool
Chandler, James, Cooke, Liverpool
Chapman, Thomas, Albion House, Darling Harbour
Chapman, Mathew, Williams River, Maitland
Chapman, Reuben, Publican, Harington-street
Chapman, William, Boat-builder, Darling Harbour
Charles, William, Baker, Sussex-street
Charles, William, Publican, Essex-lane
Charlton, George, Cumberland-street
Chartell, John, Elizabeth-street
Cheers, John, Publican, Phillip-street
Cheshyre, George, Bathurst
Chilcot, James, Falbrook, Darlington
Childs, J., Dealer, George-street
Chisholm, James, George-street
Chisholm, J., Campbell Town
Church, I. F., George-street
Clark, Wm., Cockfighters’ Creek, Maitland
Clark, R. M., Maitland
Clarke, John, Narrellan, Campbell Town
Clarke, George, Airds, Campbell Town
Clarke, Thomas, Publican, Brickfield Hill
Clarke, William, Dealer, Kent-street
Clarke, William, Tailor, Kent-street
Clarke, J., Dealer, Clarence-street
Clarke, William, Fruiterer, Clarence-street
Clarke, J., Upholsterer, Castlereagh-street
Clarke, John, Tinman, Pitt-street
Clarke, W., O’Connell-street
Clarke, J., Butcher, Castlereagh-street
Clarke, J., Stone-mason, Castlereagh-street
Clarke, William, Pitt-street
Clarkson, R. V,. Phillip-street
Clarkson, Thomas, Agent, York-street
Clarkson, Catherine, Publican, Hunter-street
Clarkson, Mountford, Hunter-street
Clarkson, Thomas, Hunter-street
+ Clay, G. B., Cullen-bullen, Bathurst
Clayton, Charles, Depto Forest, Campbell Town
Clayton, Benjamin, Surgeon, Windsor
Clayton, Charles, Engraver, Pitt-street
Clayton, Joseph, Publican, George-street
Clees, J., Shoe-maker Kent-street
Clegg, John, Publican, Liverpool Road
Clements, H., Liverpool
Cleland, Rev. J., Windsor
Clift, Samuel, Maitland
Clisson, George, Williams-River, Maitland
* Close, E. C., Greenhills, Maitland
Clurch, Robert, Dealer, Kent-street
Cluer, Elizabeth, Brickfield-hill
+ Clunie, I. O., Moreton-Bay
Coates, William, Upper Pitt-street
Coates, William, Bathurst
Cobb, James, Maitland
Cobb, John, Maitland
Cobb, James, Sussex-street
Cobcroft, J., Wilberforce, Windsor
Cogan, J., Dealer, Brickfield-hill
+ Coghill, John, Kirkham, Campbell Town
Cohen, H., Merchant, Maitland
Cohen, J., Silversmith, George-street
Cohen, J., Dealer, George-street
Cole, John, Goulburn Plains
Colebrook, Thomas, Prince-street
Coleman, James, Market-street
Collicot, Thomas, Brewer, Castlereagh-street
Collitt, Pierce, Collitt’s Inn, Mount York
Collitt, John, Penrith
Collingbourne, Henry, George-street, Paramatta
Collins, William, Tinman, Pitt-street
Collins, William, Blacksmith, Brickfield-hill
Collins, Thomas, Paramatta
Collins, Thomas, Macquarie Place
Collins, John, Kent-street
Collis, John, Publican, York-street
Collis, Edward, Campbell Town
Collman, E. L., Inverary Park, Inverary
Colls, Thomas, Inn-keeper, Liverpool Road
Collyer, J. G., Sutton Forest, Argyle
Connell, Henry, Castlereagh-street
Connell, James, Sussex-street
Connor, John, Upper Castlereagh-street
Connor, Michael, Maitland
Connor, C. L., Brickfield-hill
Connor, J., Shoe-maker, Cambridge-street
Connor, J., Pitt-street
Conolly, P., Surgeon, George-street
Cooley, Samuel, Carpenter, Castlereagh-street
Coomer, J., Publican, Campbell-street
Cooper and Levey, Waterloo Warehouse, George-street
Cooper, Robert, Juniper Hall, Sydney
Cooper, Robert, Junior, Brisbane Distillery
Cooper, James, George-street
Cooper, Francis, George-street
Cooper, R. Publican, George-street
Cooper, Thomas, Publican, George-street
Cooper, Thomas, Campbell Town
Cooper, Mrs. D., Park-street
Cooper, James, Kent-street
Cope, Mrs., Windsor
Corcoran, Patrick, Sussex-street
+ Cordeaux, W., Leppington, Liverpool
Corp, William, York Hotel, York-street
Cory, Edward, Vineyard Cottage, Maitland
Cory, John, Maitland
Coss, Andrew, Publican, York-street
Cotton, J., Sackville Reach, Windsor
Cottrell, Thomas, Sutton Forest
Coulson, Henry, Upper Castlereagh-street
Coulson, John, Upper Castlereagh-street
Coulson, J., Black Creek, Maitland
Cowan, James, Tobacco Cottage, Inverary
Cowper, Rev. William, Macquarie Place
Cowper, Charles, Macquarie Place
Cowper, Henry, Moreton Bay
Cowper, Thomas, Campbell Town
+  Cox, William, Senior, Clarendon, Windsor
+ Cox, William, Junior, Hobartville, Windsor
+ Cox, George, Wimbourne, Penrith
Cox, Edward, Fern Hills, Mulgoa, Penrith
Cox, Henry, Glenmore, Penrith
Cox, Robert, Publican, Market-street
Cox, William, Baker, Paramatta
Cox, B., Inn-keeper, Maitland
Cox, C., Chair-maker, Prince-street
Cox, James, George-street, Paramatta
Coxen, Charles, Maitland
Crabbe, D., Cumberland-street
Cracknell, J., Publican, Sussex-street
Craig, S., Prince-street
Crane, James, Castlereagh-street
Crane, Christopher, Publican, Castlereagh-street
Crawford, Robert, Hill-end, Paramatta
Crawley, D., Sussex-street
Crawley, John, Richmond, Windsor
Creig, Robert, Windsor
Crew, Benjamin, Sutton Forest
Creilly, D., Dealer, Pitt Town, Windsor
Crispe, J., Publican, Brickfield-hill
Croft, B., Erskine-street
Crook, Elizabeth, Glebe-house Academy, Liverpool Road
Crook, Mrs., Sussex-street
Crook, Rev. W. P., Cumberland-street
Cross, Rev. J., Port Macquarie
Cross, William, Inn-keeper, Windsor Road
Cross, Robert, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Crowe, John, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Cuff, John, Phillip-street
Cullen, J., Pitt Town, Windsor
Cummings, William, Hotel, Macquarie Place
Cummings, Mrs, Clarence-street
Cunningham, P., Merton, Darlington
Cunningham, P., Shipwright, George-street
Cunningham, Edward, Campbell-street
Curlewis, G. C., Krarwarree, County of Murray
Curry, Captain, Prince-street
Curtis, James, Park-street
Curtis, John, Paramatta
Curtis, J., Cumberland-street
Cutter, G. Mittagong, Bong Bong

DALE, H. F., Saint Omers, Bong Bong
Daley, John, Dealer, George-street
Dalton, J., Cabinet-maker, George-street
Dalton, William, Cabinet-maker, Prince-street
Dalton, William, Asylum, Sydney
Dalton, Richard, Dealer, Brickfield-hill
Damer, Henry, Upper Castlereagh-street
Dangar, William, Neatsfield, Darlington
Danks, Edward, Gum-smith, Market-street
Danvers, William, Bathurst
D’Arcy, G. Pit, Rose-Cottage, Liverpool Road
Darcy, F., Phillip-street.
Dargan, J., Publican, Paramatta
Dargan, James, Publican, George-street
Dargan, Mrs., Publican, Windsor
Dargan, Joseph, Darlington
D’Arietta, J. L., Moreton Park Campbell-town
Darney, J. L., Bathurst
Dawes, Gore, & Co., Pitt-street
Dawes, Samuel, South Creek, Penrith
Dawson, William, Butcher, Clarence-street
Davidson, Walter, Wolomoloo
Davies, William, Liverpool
Davies, J. J., Academy, Liverpool-street
Davis, R. M., Maitland
Davis, William, Tailor, Pitt-street
Davis, Solomon, Dealer, Market-street
Davis, John, Kent-street
Davis, William, Kent-street
Davis, J., Gloucester-street
Davis, J. M., Maryville, Darlington
Davis, Charlotte, Liverpool
Davis, John, Watchmaker, George-street
Davison, James, Lower Portland Head
Davison, J., Dealer, Kent-street
Day, J ., Boat-builder, Kent-street
Day, Robert, Military Barracks
Dayley, F., Maitland
Deane, William, Inn-keeper, South Creek
Deane, John, Publican, Paramatta
Dear, William, Publican, Prince-street
Dearing, Thomas, Maitland
Delany, Lawrence, York-street
Delany, C., Kent-street
Delohery, C., Castlereagh-street
De Mestre, Prosper, George-street
Dempsey, C., Liverpool
Dempsey, James, Kent-street
Denneen, D., Blacksmith, Pitt-street
Denshire, George, Liverpool
Denton, H. Dealer, York-street
Denton, W., Sutton Forest
Deroche, James, Maitland
Desroches, Charles, Port Macquarie
Devlin, Arthur, Publican, Market-street
Develyn, Bryant, Kent-street
Develyn, Castlereagh-street
Dibbs, E., Milkman, Park-street
Dibbs, John, George street
Dick, Samuel, Dealer
Dick, Mrs. Silversmith, Pitt-street
Dickson, John, Sussex-street
Dickson, John, Jun. Sussex-street
Dickson, James, Sen. Sussex-street
Dickson, James, Jun., Sussex-street
Dickenson, Rev., Paramatta
Diddenham, Thomas, Liverpool
Dight, John, Richmond, Windsor
Dillon, Thomas,
Dillon, Robert, Newcastle
Dillon, Luke, Pitt-street
Dillion and Mitchell, Hair-Dressers, Market street
Dixon, F. Publican, Newcastle. Dixon
Francis, Female Academy, Prince-street
Dixon, James, Bong Bong
Dixon, Robert, Illawarra
Dobson, E. Ship Chandler, George-street
Dobson, E. Dealer, King-street
Docker, Rev. Joseph, Windsor
Dodd, Thomas, Maitland
Dodds, J., Maitland
+ Donnison, Henry, Darling-harbour
Donohoe, J., School-master, Kent-street
Dougherty, J., Shoemaker, Kent-street
Douglas, Henry, Elizabeth-street
Douglas, Thomas, Butcher, Cumberland-street
Douglas, James, Publican, Cumberland-street
Dowd, John, Prince-street
Dowling, the Hon. James, Brougham-hall, Wolomoloo
Dowling, Willoughby, ditto
Dowling, Rev. Vincent, Charlotte Place
Dowling, J. Cumberland-street
Doyle, Joseph, Windsor
Doyle, Cyrus, Lower Portland Head, Windsor
Doyle, Edmund, Windsor
Doyle, Andrew, Windsor
Doyle, Darley, Upper Pitt-street
Doyle, J. Sen, Windsor
Doyle, E. Sussex-street
Dring, Samuel, George-street
Drinkwater, Henry, Surry-hills
Drinkwater, Edward, Publican, Paramatta
Driver, Richard, Publican, Phillip-street
Driver, J., Bong Bong
Driver, R., South Creek, Liverpool
Driscoll, S., Tailor, Market-street
+ Druitt, George, Mount Druitt, Paramatta
Drummond, J., Pitt-street
Duckworth, Thomas, Norfolk Island
Duff, J., Jerry’s Plains, Darlington
Duguid, Leslie, Tempe, Cook’s River
Dumaresq, Lieut. Col. Henry, St. Helier’s, Alcorns-inn
+ Dumaresq, William, ditto
+ Dunbar, Frederick, Bong Bong
Duncombe, D. Elizabeth-street
Dunn, Mrs., Upper Castlereagh-street
Dunn, William, Maitland
Dunlop, James, Observatory, Paramatta
Dulhunty, John, Bathurst
Dulhunty, Lawrence, Paramatta
Durand, Francis, Publican, George-street
Dutton, Frederick Dutton, George-street
Dutton, W. H., Campbell Town
Dutton, H. P. Charlotte Place
Dwyer, J.,Campbell Town
Dwyer, Charles, Liverpool
Dwyer, Mrs., Hyde Park
Dyce, Patrick, Inverary Park, Inverary
Dyer, William, Swan reach, Maitland
Dyer, D.,Baker, Pitt-street
Dye, R. H., Publican, Cumberland-street
Dye, W. H., Paramatta
Dye, Robert, Baker, Cumberland-street

EAGAR, Mrs., J ., Macquarie-street
Eagar, Francis, Castlereagh-street
Eales, William, Swan-reach, Maitland
Earl, John, Cabinet Maker, Hunter-street
Earl, William, Darlington
Earl, John, Glenreddie, Saint Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
East, John, Castlereagh-street
Eckford, John, Maitland
Eckford, William, Williams-river, Maitland
Eckford, Henry, Maitland
Edmonds, William, Shoe Maker, Clarence-street
Edney, William, Publican, Brickfield-hill
Edney, William, Milkman, Kent-street
Edrop, J., Butcher, King-street
Edward, Charles, Sussex-street
Edwards, John, Paramatta
Edwards, E., King-street
Edwards, J. Music-master, Castlereagh-street
Egan, Daniel, Prince-street
Egan, John, Dealer, Kent-street
Egan, Peter, Maitland
Egan, John, lllawarra
Elder, James, Baker, Paramatta
Elder, Robert, George-street
Elkin, Emanuel, Phillip-street
Ellem, F., Rope-maker, Prince-street
Elliott, William, Norfolk Island
Elliott, Owen, Elizabeth-street
Elliott, James, Dealer, Clarence-street
Elliott, Joseph, Pipe-maker, Sussex-street
+ Elliott, Phillip, Surveyor, Mncquarie-street
Ellias, Abraham, Publican, George-street
Ellis, Mrs. Orphan School, Paramatta
Ellis, Thomas, Prince-street
Ellis, Charles, Painter & Glazier, Prince-street
Ellis, William, Paramatta
Ellison, John, Publican, Paramatta
+ Elrington, W. S. Jincro, lnverary
Elyard, William, sen., Surgeon, R. N. Burwood P.
Elyard, William jun., Burwood, Paramatta
Ennis, John, Pitt-street
Erskine, John, Newcastle
Erskine, Thomas, Maitland
Erskine, Rev. J., Prince-street
Etchells, Thomas, Hatter, George-street
Ether, Thomas, Wollombi, Darlington
Evans, W., Belle-vue, Maitland
Evans, Owen, Maitland
Evans, J., Carpenter, Prince-street
Evans, Thomas, Mangler, Phillip-street
Evans, C., Veterinary-surgeon, King-street
Everett, James, Bathurst
+ Evernden, Thomas, Bathurst
Evisson, William, Brewer, Clarence-street
Evison, J., Newcastle
Ewer, Edward, Dealer, George-street, Paramatta
Eyre, John, Academy, Paramatta
Eyrell, C. Tailor, Pitt-street

FAIRS, Charles, Paramatta
Fairweather, Rowland, York-street
Faithful, William, Richmond, Windsor
Faithful, W. T., Goulburn
Fanning, J., Shoemaker, Kent-street
Fanell, John, Market-street
Farden, John, Castlereagh-street
Fares, Mrs., Sussex-street
Farley, Edward, Stonequarry
Farley, Edward, Sussex-street
Farmer, J., Prince-street
Farmer, Lieutenant, Coxes River, Mount York
Farnell, Thomas, Brewer, Kissing Point
Farrell, Michael, Publican, Cambridge-street
Farrell, John, Dealer, Macquarie-street
Farrell, Patrick, Stonemason, Sussex-street
Farrell, John, General Store, Port Macquarie
Farren, John, Cumberland-street
Farrier, John, Glebe-cottage, Sydney
Farrington, Richard, Paramatta
Farris, Joseph, Publican, Windmill-street
Fattorini, Dr., Pitt-street
Fearnhead, John, Bathurst
Fennell, Mrs., Corindah, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Fennell, James, Dealer, Kent-street
Fell, P. L., Upper Castlereagh-street
Ferris, Henry, Darling Harbour
Field, John, Maitland
Field, T., Castlereagh, Penrith
FieldING, A., Carpenter, Prince-street
Finch, John, Upper Castlereagh-street
Finch, Heneage, Laguna, Darlington
Finch, James, Maitland
Finn, Anthony, Publican, George-street
Finley, Michael, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Fisher, William, Williams River, Maitland
Fisher, Mrs., Clarence-street
Fisher, Captain, Cambridge-street
Fisher, J., Tailor, Cambridge-street
Fisher, John, Bathurst
Fisher, William, South Creek, Penrith
Fisher, T., King-street
Fisher, J. W., Williams River, Maitland
Fitz, Robert, Windsor
Fitzgerald, Richard, Windsor
Fitzgerald, John, Sutton Forest
Fitzgerald, William, Bong Bong
Fitzgerald, John, Windsor
Fitzgerald, Edward, Windsor
Fitzgerald, William, Market-street
Fitzgerald, Michael, Kent-street
Fitzgerald, E., Shoemaker, Phillip-street
Fitzpatrick, Bernard, Kent-street
Fitzpatrick, Mrs., Sussex-street
Fitzpatrick, William, Maitland
Fitzsimmons, William, Market-street
Flannagan, F., Shannon View, lnverary
Fleming, R., Bathurst
Fleming, John, Dealer, Maitland
Fleming, J., Campbell Town
Flood, James, Shoemaker, Upper Castlereagh-street
Flood, Edward, Publican, George street
Flood, Thomas, Tailor, Castlereagh street
Flood, Joseph, Carpenter, Elizabeth-street
Flood, Christopher, York-street
Florance, Thomas, Prince-street
Flower and Marsden, George-street
Flynn, Christopher, Publican, Brickfield-hill
Fogerty, John, Sussex-street
* Forbes, the Hon. F., Macquarie-place
+ Forbes, George, Skellator, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Forbes, F. E.,, Inn-keeper, Liverpool
+ Forbes, J. D., Commandant, Mounted Police
Foreman, J., Domain-street, Paramatta
+ Forster, Dr., Brush Farm, Paramatta
Forsyth & Albon, Smiths, George-street
Forsythe, William, Patrick’s Plains, Maitland
Forsythe, J., Paramatta
Foss, A., Chemist, Pitt-street
Foster, R., George-street
Foster, W. F., Springhill, Maitland
+ Foster, William, Pitt-street
Foster, E. B., Elizabeth-street
Foster, James, Elizabeth-street
Foster, Charles, Prince-street
Foster, W., Cumberland-street
Foster, J., Bong Bong
Foster, Thomas, Dealer, George-street
Foulcher, J., Publican, Paramatta
Fowler, J., Campbell Town
Fowler, T., Timber Merchant, Sussex-street
Frankland, __, Maitland
Franklin, John, Campbell Town.
Fraser, J., Hunter’s-river, Maitland
Fraser, Alexander, Castlereagh, Penrith
Freeman, William, Clarence-street
Freeman, J., Campbell Town
Fulton, Rev. H., Castlereagh, Penrith
Fulton, Henry, Bathurst
Fulton, John, Castlereagh, Penrith
Fulloon, Misses, Academy, O’Connell-street
Fulloon, J., O’Connell-street
Fuller, Thomas, George-street
Fuller, Thomas, Paramatta
+ Futter, Robert, Lumley Park, Inverary

GABBAGE, J., Upper Pitt-street
Gabbage J., Wilberforce, Windsor
Gaggin, J., Clifton Cottage, Windsor
Gannon, James, Cabinet-maker, Cambridge-street
Gannon, Michael, Builder, Cambridge-street
Galbraith, G., Narraga, Argyle
Galvin, Thomas, Campbell Town
Galvin, John, Dealer, Castlereagh-street
Galway, R., Kent-street
Galway, Thomas, Kent-street
Gardner, Peter, George-street
Garling, Frederick, sen., George-street
Garling, Frederick, jun., Kent-street
Garrett, Mrs., Prince-street
Geddins, Thomas, Carpenter, Kent-street
Geering, Henry, Publican, Kent-street
Geering, J., King-street
George, Thomas, Cumberland-street
Gibbons, M.,sen.,Kent-street
Gibbons, M., jun., Sussex-street
+ Gibson, Andrew, Goulburn
Gibson, F., Haberdasher, George-street
Gibson, Edward, Kent-street
Gilbert, Samuel, Baker, Paramatta
Gilberthorpe, T., Pitt Town, Windsor
Gill, James, Sussex-street
Gill, Martin, Pastry Cook, George-street
Gilchrist, J., George-street
Girard, F., Miller, George-street
Glass, William, Thalaba, Clarence Town, Maitland
Gleed, Edward, Windsor
Glennie, Alfred, Dulwich, Alcorns Inn
+ Glennie, James, Dulwich, Alcorns Inn
Glew, J., Kent-street
Glover, Bernard, Turner, Upper Pitt-street
Glover, Thomas, Publican, Cumberland-street
Goddard, B., Kent-street
Goddard, Mrs., Dealer, Prince-street
Gold, C., Painter, Brickfield Hill
Golden, John, Kent-street
Goldingham, J., Maitland
Goldingham, Nathaniel, Maitland
Gooch, R., Paramatta
Goodman, John, Cooper, Prince-street
Goodsir, J. T., Wolomaloo
Goodsir, David, King’s Wharf
Goodwin, W., Prince-street
Goodwin, William, Goulburn-street
Gordon, Ann, Female Factory, Paramatta
Gordon, Charles, Clarence-street
Gordon, C., Miller, Upper Pitt-street
Gore, Thomas, Castlereagh-street
Gosport, Thomas, Wilberforce, Windsor
Gosling, John, W., Bathurst, and Charlotte Place, Sydney
Govett, W. R., Surveyor, Macquarie-street
Gow, J., Wilberforce, Windsor
Graham, Joseph, Kinross, Maitland
Graham, G. T., Williams-river, Maitland
Graham, Elizabeth, O’Connell-street
Graham, J., Baker, Pitt-street
Graham, John, Campbell Town
Graham, George, Publican, Liverpool
Graves, G., Baker, Upper Pitt-street
Gray, J. M., Prince-street
Gray, Charles, York street
Gray, Alexander, Maitland
Gray James, Maitland
Gray, Patrick, Shipwright, Market street
Green, H. S., Macquarie street
Green, Edmund, Port Macquarie
Green, James, Erskine street
Green, J., Block Maker, Sussex street
Green, William, Cooper, Pitt street
Green, George, Cooper, O’Connell street
Green, R., General Agent, Sussex street
Greenaway, C., Architect, George street
Greenaway, Mrs., Seminary, George street
Greenaway, William, Maitland
Greenhill, Stephen, Castlereagh street
Greenshaw, C., Goulburn street
Greenwood, James, Liverpool
Greig, James, Jerry’s Plains, Darlington
Gregory, Charles, Tailor, Pitt street
Gregory, Edward, Shoemaker, Castlereagh street
Greville, David, Seminary, Pitt street
Greville, W. C., Elizabeth street
Grono, John, Grono Park, Windsor
Groves, Montague, Liverpool
Grounds, Henry, Pickville, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Grounds, H., Tailor, Paramatta
Grose, J. H., Paramatta
Guilding, John, Maitland
Guise, William, Liverpool
Guise, John, Argyle, Bong Bong
Gurner, John, O’Connell street

HABISON, John, Bringelly, Liverpool
Hackett, John, Coach and Horses, Paramatta
Hall, J., Blacksmith, Castlereagh-street
Hall, Mrs., Mangler, Kent-street
Hall, William, Dealer, Kent-street
Hall, E. S., senior, Fort-street
Hall, E. S., junior, St. Hillier’s, Argyle, Goulburn
Hall, William, Black Town, Windsor
Hall, H., Hunter’s River
Hall, E., Dartbrook, Darlington
Hall, George, Pitt Town, Windsor
Hall, G. S., Portland Head
Hall, William, Orphan School, Paramatta
Hallen, Ambrose, Bathurst-street
Hallen, Edward, Architect, Bathurst-street
Halloran, Mrs., Castlereagh-street
Halloran, Henry, Castlereagh-street
Hames, Joseph, Kent-street
Hamilton, C., Upper Castlereagh-street
Hammond, Thomas, Clarimontes, Campbell Town
Hancock, R., Wheelwright, George-street
Handley, Jazeb, Publican, Liverpool-street
Hanks, William, Cabinet Maker, Castlereagh-street
Hanley, George, Dealer, Market-street
Hanshaw, J., Kent-street
Hannam, Reuben, Publican, Castlereagh-street
Hansard, S. G., Moreton Bay
Hanson, Thomas, Dealer, George-street
Harden, John, Castlereagh-street
Hardin, H., Castlereagh-street
+ Harington, T. C., Castlereagh-street
Harmer, Benjamin, Shoemaker, Brickfield-hill
Harper, J., Butcher, Brickfield Hill
Harper, John, Schoolmaster, Upper Pitt-street
Harper, Thomas, Sussex-street
Harper, William, Dealer, Upper Castlereagh-street
Harper, William, Maitland
Harper, G., Abbotsford, Campbell Town
Harper, Thomas, Hunter’s River
+ Harris, John, Shenes Park, Penrith
Harris, L. S., Goulburn Grove, Maitland
Harris, Samuel, Tanner, Phillip-street
Harris, John, Maitland
Harrison, Mrs., Sussex-street
Hartley, William, Cooper, George-street
Hartley, G., Minchinbury, Paramatta
Hartley, R. and Co., Maitland
Harvey, Henry, Goulburn Plains
Harvey, H., Draper, George-street, Paramatta
Harwood, C, George-street
Hart, T. H., George-and-Dragon Hotel, Pitt-street
Hart, Alexander, Cabinet-maker, Pitt-street
Haskins, James, Patrick’s Plains, Maitland
Haslem, Edward, Butcher, Market-street
Hassall, Rev. Thomas, Denbigh, Campbell Town
Hassall, Jonathan, Mattavia, Liverpool
Hassall, James, George-street, Paramatta
Hately, J., Tailor, George-street
+ Hawdon, John, Elderslie, Campbell Town
Hawker, James, Sussex-street
+ Hawkins, T. F., Black Down, Bathurst
Hawthorn, James, Publican, Cumberland-street
Hayes, W., Prince-street
Hayes, E. A., Charlotte-place
Hayes, Mrs., Clarence-street
Hayes, William, South Creek
Heath, William, Curryjong, Windsor
Heath, John, Combmaker, Cumberland-street
Heath, P., Publican, Cumberland-street
Hedges, Captain, Prince-street
+ Hely, F. A., Upper Castlereagh-street
Hely, John, Dealer, Upper Pitt-street
Henderson, T., Williams’ River
Henderson, John, Apothecary, George-street
Henderson, Michael, Union Cottage, Liverpool
Hennessy, David, Shoemaker, York-street
Henry, James, Toll-bar, Sydney
Hensley, C., Baker, Clarence-street
Herbert, John, Paramatta
Hervey, T., Pitt-street
Hesketh, Robert, Sussex-street
Hewitt, Henry, Innkeeper, Maitland
Hey, William, Newcastle
Heywood, J., Bathurst-street
Hickey, William, Whyagulla Flat, Maitland
Hickey, Edward, Elizabeth-street
Higgins, Thomas, Publican, Brickfield-hill
Hill, Rev. R., Upper Castlereagh-street
+ Hill, Patrick, Liverpool
Hill, J., Dealer, Pitt-street
Hill, David, Publican, Castlereagh-street
Hill, Arthur, Printer, 81, George-street
Hill, William, Publican Pitt-street
Hill, J., Oldbury, Bong, Bong
Hillas, John, Stanhope Farm, Paramatta
Hillis, R., Windsor Road
Hinchley, Joseph, Nailer, Upper Pitt-street
Hindes, Thomas, Campbell Town
Hindmarsh, J. S., Prince-street
Hindmarsh, R., Prince-street
Hindmarsh, __, IllaWarra, Campbell Town
Hinds, Charles, Baker, Phillip-street
Hindson, Mathew, Macquarie-place
Hinsley, C., Baker, Clarence-street
Hitchcock, Mrs., Dressmaker, Pitt-street
Hobby, Thomas, Croft Cottage, Penrith
Hoddle, Robert, Castlereagh-street
Hodges, John, Publican, Paramatta
Hodges, William, Publican, Kent-street
Hodghen, Benjamin, Windsor
Hodson, T., Waverly Crescent
Holland, James, Elizabeth-street
Holloway, S., Shoemaker, Castlereagh-street
Holland, Charles, Patrick’s Plains
Holmes, Thomas, Bathurst
Holmes, Thomas, Carpenter, Castlereagh-street
Holmes, John, Shoemaker, Castlereagh-street
Holt, E., Chairmaker, Sussex-street
Holt, Joshua, Point Piper
Hood, C., Williams’ River,Maitland
Hooke, John, Williams’ River, Maitland
Hooper, Thomas, Sussex-street
Hordern, Anthony, Dealer, King-street
Hore, John, Macquarie-street
Hore, Edward, Clarence-street
Horn, George, Bringelly, Liverpool
Horne, J., Paramatta
Horsley, John, Liverpool
Hosking, Dr., George-street
Hosking, J., Pitt-street
Hoskinson, Mrs., Castlereagh-street
Hovell, S. W., Narrallan, Campbell Town
How, Robert, Pitt-street
Howard, Charles, Bathurst
Howard, J., Boatbuilder, Erskine-street
Howard, J., Paramatta
Howard, G., Patrick’s Plains, Maitland
Howarth, Isaac, Paramatta
Howarth, James, Paramatta Road
Howe, John, Windsor
+ Howe, William, Glenlee, Campbell Town
Howe, Mrs. E., Upper Pitt-street
Howell, Thomas, Publican, York-street
Howell, Mrs., Laundress, Upper Castlereagh-street
Howell, George, Miller, Paramatta
Howell, H. , Dealer, Kent-street
Howey, T., Maitland
Howey, Henry, Goulburn
Hudson,Mathew, Shoemaker,Upper Castlereagh-street
Hudson, R., Cutler,George-street
Hudson, Mrs., Kent-street
Hudson, Beresford, Hillsbury, Maitland
Hughes and Hosking, King-street
Hughes, Terry, Albion Brewery, Elizabeth-street
Hughes, C., Tailor, Pitt-street
Hughes, J., Richmond, Windsor
Hughes, Bernard, Tallow Chandler, Pitt-street
Hughes, T., Clarence-street
Hughes, William, Dealer, Upper Castlereagh-street
Hughes, H., Wheelwright, Paramatta
Hughes, Edward, Bong Bong
Hughes, John, Macquarie-street
Hume, R., Campbell Town
Hume, H., Campbell Town
Humpage, John, Clarence-street
Humphries, C., Upper Pitt-street
Humphries, G., George-street
Humphries, M., Dealer, Kent-street
Humphries, Thomas, Campbell Town
+ Hungerford, Emanuel, Lochdon, Maitland
Hunt, Edward, Undertaker, George-street
Hunt, R. Tanner, George-street, Paramatta
Hunt, John, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Hunt, Mary, Maitland
Hunt, Frederick, Carpenter, Upper Castlereagh-street
Hunter, Capt. William, A. [?.] C., Kent-street
Hunter, Alexander, General Warehouse, Pitt-street
Hush, Ralph, Campbell Town
Hutchinson, William, George-street
Hutchinson, Mrs., Kent-street
Huxham, John, Newcastle
Hyland, C., Butcher, George-street
Hyland, Mathew, Prospect, Paramatta
Hyland, Thomas, Prospect, Paramatta
Hynard, Thomas, Carpenter, Market-street
Hyndes, Thomas, Sussex-street

ICELY, Thomas, Bungarabee, Paramatta
Icely, S., Mandarama, Bathurst
Iken, William, Liverpool
Iken, Thomas, Cumberland-street
Iken, Alexander, Castlereagh-street
Inch, Joseph, Windelmiah, Argyle
Inch, Joseph, Pitt-street
Inglis, Thomas, George-street
+ Innes, A. Clunes, Port Macquarie
Innes, Rev. G., Pitt-street
+ Innes, George, Bathurst
Innes, William, Wallis Plains, Maitland
lmlay, A., Staff Surgeon, Charlotte-place
Iredale, Launcelot, Ironmonger, George-street
Ironside, James, Broker, Prince-street
Irvine, John, Maitland
Irving, John, Boatbuildler, Darling Harbour

JACKSON, J., Lowry, Upper Castlereagh-street
Jackson, J. S., Upper Pitt-street
Jackson, P., Publican, Clarence-street
Jacobs, V., Dealer, Castlereagh-street
James, Samuel, Baulkham-hills, Paramatta
James, John, Publican, Church-hill
James, H. K., Elizabeth-street
James, T., Shoemaker, 34, George-street
+ Jamison, Sir J .,George-street, Sydney, and Regent-ville, Penrith.
Jamison, Thomas, Bathurst
Jeaneret, Dr., Clarence-street
Jelf, George, Mulgoa, Penrith
Jelf, J ., Carrington, Port Stephens
Jenkins, Mrs. J., Eagle Ville, Campbell Town
Jenkins, Miss, Castlereagh-street
Jenkins, C. H., 1, Liverpool-street
Jennings, M., Carpenter, Castlereagh-street
Jennings, Joseph, Publican, Market-street
Jervis, Sarah, Sussex-street
Jervis, Thomas, Blacksmith, Clarence-street
Jilks, George, Goulburn-street
Johnston, J., Baker, Sussex-street
Johnston, William, Publican, King’s Wharf
Johnstone, J., Lower Portland Head
Johnstone, J., Williams River, Maitland
Johnstone, Mrs., Lockwood, Liverpool
Johnstone, Robert, Annandale, Sydney
Johnstone, David, Annandale, Sydney
Johnstone, William, Windsor
Johnstone, Thomas, Sussex-street
Johnstone, C., Tobacconist, Clarence-street
Johnstone, Thomas, Blacksmith, Brickfield-hill
Johns, J., Dealer, Cumberland-street
Johnstone, Francis, Bathurst-street
Johnstone, Alexander, Carpenter, Pitt-street
Johnstone, C., Sadler, George-street
Johnstone, Andrew, Portland Head, Windsor
Johnstone, John, Clydesdale, Darlington
Joll, George, Upper Minto, Campbell Town
+ Jones, Richard, Hunter-street
Jones, Mrs. Dress-maker, George-street
Jones, John, Straw hat-maker, George-street
Jones, John, Livery Stables, York-street
Jones, S. P., York-street
Jones, W. R., Hunter-street
Jones, William, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Jones, John, Bathurst
Jones, William, Black Creek, Darlington
Jones, Joseph, Argyle-street, Paramatta
Jones, John, George-street, Paramatta
Jones, F., lllawarra, Campbell Town
Jones, J., Tailor, George-street
Jones, William, Dealer, Cumberland-street
Jones, J., Druitt-street
Jones, Thomas, Upper Castlereagh-street
Jones, Mrs., Clarence-street
Jones, John, Boat Builder, Erskine-street
Jones, Robert, Shoemaker, Upper Castlereagh-street
Jones, Edward, Hunter-street
Jordan, Charles, Paramatta-road
Josephson, J., Castlereagh-street
Joy, John, Dealer, York-street
Joynter, William, North Bank, Manning-river

KAINES, John, Dealer, Market-street
Kay, James, George-street, Paramatta
Kayne, James, Dealer, Market-street
Keane, Rev. J. E., Parsonage, Bathurst
Kearns, William, Campbell Town
Keith, J., Liverpool-street
Keith, E. J., Hyde Park
Kellick John, Publican, Philip-street
Kellett, Thomas, Baker, Clarence-street
Kelly, J., sen., Swan Reach, Maitland
Kelly, J.,jun., Maitland
Kelly, William, Tailor, Upper Castlereagh-street
Kelly, Hugh, Inn-keeper, Windsor-road
Kemp, Thomas, Sawyer, Erskine-street
Kemp, R., Sailmaker, Fort-street
Kemp, S., Port Stephens, Carrington
Kemmis, Arthur, O’Connell-street
Kempton, William, Clarence-street
Kennedy, J., Lodging House, Pitt-street
Kennedy, T. H., Prince-street
Kennedy, Daniel, Penrith
Kennedy, D., Irish Town, Liverpool
Kennedy, Lawrence, Goulburn-street
Kenney, Dr., Epping Forest, Campbell Town
Kerr, W. H., King-street
Kentish, N. Liscomb, Paramatta
Kenyon, Frederick, Elizabeth-street
Kenyon, Miss, Dress-maker, Elizabeth-street
Kenyon, Joseph, Woodlands, Paramatta
Kent, Thomas, Prince-street
Kettle, Henry, Carpenter, Upper Castlereagh-street
Key, Joseph Payne, Paramatta
Kettleton, Samuel, Shipwright, Sussex-street
Kidd, William, Shoemaker, Castlereagh-street
Killroy, James, Prince-street
King, Mrs. P. G., South Creek, Penrith
King, James, King-street
King, W. F., Sutton Forest, Bong Bong
Kinghorne, Alexander, Liverpool
Kinghorne, James, Wellington Valley, Bathurst
Kingsmill, L., Newcastle
Kingsmill, J., Paramatta
Kirk, John, Paramatta
Kirk, Woolley and Kirk, Tobacconists, George-street
Kirkley, J ., Bathurst
Kirkley, T. H., Sydney
Kirkley, J., Goulburn-street
Kirwin, Patrick, Park-street
Klensendorlf, E., Clarence-street
Knox, John, Shoemaker, Cumberland-street

LACK, R., Campbell Town 
Lackay, William, Paramatta
Laidley, James, Rose Bank, Wolomoloo
+ Lamb, John, Castlereagh-street
Lamb, John, Windsor
Lamb, King-street
Lamb, J. F., Maitland
Lamb, T. G., Belling, Maitland
Lambert, Thomas, 57, Castlereagh-street
+ Lambie, John, Mount Clarence, Collett’s-inn
Lamont, W. R. A., Bong Bong
Langdon, C., Butcher, George-street
Lang, Rev. Dr., Church-hill
Lang, Andrew, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Laniom, William, Tailor, Castlereagh-street
Larkin, Joseph, Cabinet-maker, Castlereagh-street
Larkin, C., Paramatta
Larmer, James, Philip-street
Lauga, Burman, Bunkers-hill
Larnock, E., Castle Forbes, Patricks-Plains
Lawless, F., Lodging-house, York-street
Lawless, J., Dealer, Clarence-street
Lawless, F., Bricklayer, Castlereagh-street.
+ Lawson, William, Veteran Hall, Paramatta
Lawson, John, Prospect, Paramatta
Lawson, William, jun.,Prospect, Paramatta
Lawson, Nelson, Prospect, Paramatta
Lawton, T., Tobacconist, George-street
Laycock, Mrs., Pitt-street
Laycock, Samuel, Richmond, Windsor
Layton, John, Bong Bong
Lazarus, H., Watchmaker, George-street
Leake, James, Publican, Upper Castlereagh-street
Leake, John, Bathurst
Lear, S., Dentist, Macquarie-street
Learmonth, C., Custom-house-buildings
Leary, Daniel, Fruiterer, King-street
Leary, James, Publican, George-street
Leburn, J., Publican, King’s-wharf
Leddington, A. C., l, Liverpool-street
Lee, B., Paramatta
Lee, Edward, Broker, Waverly Crescent
Lee, Edward, Bricklayer, Upper Pitt-steeet
Lee, Benjamin, Segenhoe, Maitland
Leech, Dugald, Dealer, Kent-street
Leighton, Samuel, Baker, Market-street
Lemont, William, Bong Bong
+ Lethbridge, Robert, Flushcombe, Paramatta
Lethbridge, Copeland, Paramatta
Levingston, Alexander, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Levy, Barnett, Auctioneer, George-street
Levy, Abraham, Publican, York-street
Lilly, J., Clarence-street
Lilly, George, Carpenter, Druitt—street
Lilly, J., Kent-street
Limeburner, John, Milkman, Castlereagh-street
Linden, J., Publican, Clarence-street
Liscombe, John, Bathurst
* Lithgow, William, Elizabeth-street
Little, F., Maitland
Little, Archibald, Invermein, Maitland
Little Arthur, King-street
Little, Francis, Invermein, Maitland
Lloyd, J., York-street
Lloyd, J. P., Liverpool
Lloyd, C., Wallis Plains, Maitland
Lock, John, Shoemaker, Prince-street
Lock, R., Campbell Town
Lockitt, William, Pauls Grove, Campbell Town
+ Lockyer, Edmund, Ermington, Paramatta
Loder, J., Maitland
Loder, George, Windsor
Logan, R., Hunter’s River, Maitland
Long, Daniel, Dealer, Cumberland-street
Long, William, Publican, Cumberland-street
Long, Alexander, Publican, York-street
Long, Parry, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Long, John, Painter, Clarence-street
Longford, Richard, Pickville, Patricks Plains, Maitland. Longford, William, Carter’s Barrack
Longford, William, sen., George-street, Paramatta
Love, William, Concord, Paramatta
Lovelee, Samuel, Campbell Town
Lowder, Andrew, Maitland
Low, Francis, Wine Cooper, Upper Pitt-street
+ Lowe, Robert, Bringelly
Lowe, G. E., Bathurst
Lowe, Henry, Wolomalo, Maitland
Lowry, John, Government Domain, Sydney
Lowry, J., Cambridge-street
Loxdale, William, Vineyard Cottage, Maitland
Lumley, Joseph, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Lyddart, E., Paramatta
Lynch, Thomas, Wilberforce
Lyons, Samuel, Auctioneer, George-street
Lyons, Saul, Publican, Pitt-street

+ M‘ALISTER, Lachlan, Goulburn Plains
M’Alister, James, Pitt-street
M‘Alister, T., Clarence-street
M‘Alistor, J ., Milkman, Castlereagh-street
* M‘Arthur, John, Paramatta
+ M‘Arthur, William, Cawdor, Campbell Town
+ M'Arthur, James, Paramatta
M‘Arthur, H. H., Vineyard Cottage, Paramatta
Mace, Henry, Chemist and Druggist, King-street
Macdonald, William, Ironmonger, George-street
Mackay, D. T., Dungog, Maitland
Mackay, J ., Millbu, Williams River, Maitland
Mackay, John, Dealer, Clarence-street
Macklehose, Terence, Kent-street
Macklin, J., Butcher, Kent-street
Mackie, John, Soap Manufacturer, George-street
Mackanness, John, Hyde Park
M‘Carty, John, Castlereagh-street
M‘Carty, William, Clarence-street
M‘Carthy, James, Penrith
M‘Carthy, Daniel, Dealer, Market-street
M‘Cabe, William, Paramatta
M‘Cabe, Edward, Paramatta
M‘Cabe, Dennis, York-street
M‘Culloch, J., Dealer, Market-street
M‘Clusky, James, Dealer, Clarence-street
M‘Clyments, James, Newcastle
M‘Dermot, Charles, Liverpool-street
M‘Dermot, J., Castlereagh-street
M‘Dermot, J., Painter, Cambridge-street
M‘Donald, Hugh, Black Creek, Maitland
M‘Donald, J., Tank-street
M‘Donald, John, Kent-street
M‘Donald, John, Pitt Town, Windsor
M‘Donald, George, King Schoolhouse, Pitt-street
M‘Donnell, E., Publican, Market-street
M‘Donnell, William, Campbell Town
M‘Donough, John, Dealer, Market-street
M‘Donough, John, Kent-street
M‘Donough, Stuart, Wallis Plains, Maitland
M’Dowell, Edward, Elizabeth-street
M‘Donough, William, Dealer, Clarence-street
M‘Dougall, Charles, Maitland
M‘Dougall, James, Dunhooe, Darlington
M‘ Dougall, John, Baulkham-hills, Paramatta
M‘Dougall, Alexander W., Maitland
M‘Dougall, Andrew, Lower Portland Head, Windsor
M‘Dougall, Andrew, Darlington
M‘Farlane, Joseph, Inverlochy, Goulburn
M‘Farlane, Duncan, Inverlochy, Goulburn
M‘Garvie, Rev. John, Church-hill
M‘Garvie, William, Stationer, George-street
M‘Gennis, T., Moreton Bay
M‘Gennis, Thomas, Publican, Castlereagh-street
M‘Gillivray, T. L., Hunter-street
M‘Governor, James, Church-street, Paramatta
M‘Guiness, J., Clarence-street
M‘Guire, James, Kent-street
M‘Guirk, T., Farrier, Pitt-street
+ M‘Henry, John, Penrith
M‘Intosh, C. H., Prince-street
M‘Intyre, James, Port Macquarie
+ M‘Intyre, Peter, Dartbrook, Darlington
M‘Intyre, Donald, Kyooga, Maitland
M‘Keigh, William, Phoenix Hulk
M‘Kenna,J.,Dealer, Kent-street
M‘Kellar, Captain, St.,Vincent, Bong Bong
M‘Kellar, Duncan, Strathallan, Argyle
M‘Kenzie, A. K., Dockairne, Bathurst
M‘Kenzie, Henry, Bank of Australia
M‘Kenzie, George, Craigdarrah, Maitland
M‘Kean, Henry, Sussex-street
+ M‘Laren, John, Bridge-street, & Janevale, Inverary
M‘Laughlin, Donald, Segenhoe Maitland
M‘Laughlin, Bernard, Market House, George-street
M‘Laughlin, John, York-street
M‘Lean, John, Botanical Garden, Sydney
M‘Lean, John, Craigdarrah, Maitland
* M‘Leay, the Hon. Alexander, Macquarie-place, & Elizabeth-Bay, Wolomoloo
+ M‘Leay, George, Brownlow-hill, Campbell Town
M‘Leay, James, Brownlow-hill, Campbell Town
M‘Leod, Alexander, Rattagan, Darlington
+ M‘Leod, Archibald, Norfolk Island
M‘Leod, G., Liverpool
M‘Lucas, John, Williams-river, Maitland
M‘Lucas, Henry, Pitt Town, Windsor
M‘Mahon, Charles, Windsor
M‘Mahon, Daniel, York-street
M‘Murray, Michael, Prince-street
M‘Namara, J., Tailor, Castlereagh-street
M‘Naughton, Druggist, King-street
+ M‘Pherson, William, Upper Castlereagh-street
M‘Pherson, A., George-street
M‘Queen, J., Clarence-street
+ Macquoid, Thomas, Park-street, and Goderich Lodge Wolomoloo
M‘Rea, Mathew, Maitland
M‘Roberts, E., Kent-street
M‘Vitie, Thomas, George-street
Maddox, M., Dressmaker, Upper Castlereagh-street
Malcolm, J., Chemist, George-street
Maloney, Patrick, Maitland
Mann, John, Munie Dungog, Maitland
+ Manning, J. E., Ultimo House, near Sydney
Manning, E., Ultimo House and Queen-street
Manning, John, Carpenter, O’Connell-street
Mannix, C., Springhill, Campbell Town
Mansfield, Rev. R., Castlereagh-street
Mantle, C., Plumber and Glazier, George-street
Mantle, H., Painter, Sussex-street
Manton, John, Bong Bong
Marks, F., Baker, Sussex-street
Marr, Henry, Castlereagh-street
Marsden, Rev. Samuel, Glebe House, Paramatta
Marsden, Charles, Mamre Plains, Penrith
Marsden, Thomas, Pitt-street
Marsden, H., Tanner, Windsor
Marshall, John, Newcastle
Marshall, Mrs., Campbell-street
Marshall, __, Howard Farm, Maitland
Marsh, William, Maitland
Marsh, Thomas, Blacksmith, Upper Pitt-street
Martin, Joseph, Stonemason, Prince-street
Martin, R., Coach Proprietor, Castlereagh-street
Mason, Squire, Castlereagh-Street
Matchem, Charles H. Nelson, Hunter’s River, Maitland
Mathew, Felton, Macquarie-street
Mathew, William, Publican, Upper Pitt-street
Maughan, John, George-street
Maughan, Thomas, Hunters River, Maitland
Maxwell, John, Emu Plains, Penrith
May, Thomas, Wheelwright, Upper Pitt-street
May, J., Wheelwright, Brickfield-hill
May, L. jun., Lower Portland Head
Maziere, D., Shamrock Lodge, Castle Hill, Paramatta
Meares, Rev. M. D., Pitt Town, Windsor
Meagher, James, Paramatta
Medhurst, John, Maitland
Meehan, Thomas, Macquarie field, Liverpool
Melville and Andrews, Haberdashers, Pitt-street
Merritt, William, Butcher, George-street
Merritt, William, Organist, George-street
Meredith, Frederick, jun., Liverpool
Merriman, John, Dealer, Brickfield Hill
Merriman, Thomas, Dealer, Market-street
Metcalf, William, Carpenter, Upper Pitt-street
+ Meyrick, Thomas, Campbell Town
Middleton, G. A., Belmain, Sydney
Middleton, Mrs., Upper Castlereagh-street
Miller, Aaron, Mangler, Upper Castlereagh-street
Miller, H., Upholsterer, Castlereagh-street
Miller, J., Dundarro, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Miller, William, Bathurst
Miller, George, Phillip-street
Miller, James, Maitland
Millett, Thomas, Kent-street
Millington, Charles, Phillip-street
Mires, Mrs., Liverpool-street
+ Mitchell, Dr., Macquarie-street
Mitchell, Matthew, Port Macquarie
+ Mitchell, Major, Craigend, Wolomoloo
Mitchell, Charles, Patrick's Plain, Darlington
Mitchell, George, Wallis’ Plains, Maitland
Mitchell, Thomas, Hunter’s River, Maitland
Mitchell, William, Brisbane Water
Mitchell, Francis, George-street
Mitchell, James, Oilman, Market-street
Mobbs, William, field of Mars, Paramatta
Mobbs, Isaac, field of Mars, Paramatta
Mocatta, George, O’Connell-street
+ Moffat, R. G., Port Stephens, Carrington
Moffitt, J., Bookbinder and Stationer, King-street
Montgomery, John, Publican, Paramatta
Montefiore, J. Barrow, O’Connell-street
Montefiore, J. J ., Morris’s buildings
Moor, Lawrence, Pitt-street
Moore, Captain, Cumberland-street
Moore, Patrick, Pitt-street
Moore, W. H., George-street
Moore, C. D., George-street
Moore, John, Liverpool
Moore, J., Publican, Paramatta
Moore, Charles, Surry Hills
Moore, J. J., Cumberland-Cottage, Liverpool
Moore, James, Kent-street
Moore, John, Vale of Avoca, Brisbane Water
+ Moore, Thomas, Liverpool
Morey, William, Clarence-street
Moran, Dr., George-street
Moran, Francis, figtree Farm, Maitland
Moran, James, Macquarie-street
Moran, B., Paramatta
Mordaunt, J., Kent-street
Morgan, Mrs., Kent-street
Morgan, William, Prince-street
+ Morris, W. T., Shoalhaven, Inverary
Morris, J., Carpenter, Pitt-street
Morris, George, Crown & Anchor, George-street
Morris, J., Publican, Sussex-street
Morris, J., Lodging-house, Cumberland-street
Morris, Thomas, Turner, Elizabeth-street
Morris, J., Publican, Upper Pitt-street
+ Morrisett, Lieutenant Colonel, Norfolk Island
Morrison, J., Baker, Clarence-street
Mortah, John, Maitland
Moss, John, Dyer, Upper Pitt-street
Moss, Joseph, King-street
Moss, James, Cumberland-street
Mossman, Archibald, George-street
Mossman, Samuel, York-street
Mossman, George, Williams River, Maitland
Mowatt, Frederick, Narrellan, Campbell Town
+ Mudie, James, Castle Forbes, Maitland
Muir, George, Inn-keeper, Maitland
Muir, Mrs., Wallis Plains, Maitland
Murdoch, P., Maitland
Murphy, Patrick, Clarence-street
Murphy, Michael, Woodview, Darlington
Murchie, A., Dealer, Kent-street
Murray, A., Carters Barrack
Murray, David, George-street
Murray, Daniel, Campbell Town
Murray, Hugh, Publican, King-street
Murray, John, Castlereagh-street
Murray, Michael, Park-street
Murray, Henry, King-street
Mutch, J., Mangler, Kent-street
Myers, Joseph, Campbell-street, Paramatta
Myles, Laurence, Williams-river, Maitland

NAPTHALI, Michael, Publican, Pitt-street
Nash, Andrew, Wool-pack Inn, Paramatta
Nash, Daniel, [no address provided in original]
Nash, S., Dealer, Pitt-street
Naylor, R., Publican, Cherry Gardens, Paramatta-road 
Newcombe, C. E., Upper Pitt-street
Newcombe, G. W., Pitt-street
Newland, H., Wilberforce, Windsor
Newton, Jacob, Williams River, Maitland
Newton, J., lst Branch, Hawkesbury, Windsor
Newton, William, O’Connel-street
Newton, J., Newcastle
Neville, C. L., Botany Bay Tower
Neyle, Philip, Paramatta
Nichols, Isaac, Upper Pitt-street
Nichols, Robert, Bathurst-street
Nichols, Charles, Concord, Paramatta
Nichols, Mrs., Clarence-street
+ Nicholson, John, Durham Cottage, Bunkers-hill
Nicholson, James, Norfolk Island
Nicholson, James, Gunsmith, George-street
+ Nicholson, John, Paramatta
Nightingale, Charles, Castlereagh-street
Nixon, William, Dealer, Clarence-street
Nixon, John, Butcher, York-street
Nobbs, Joseph, Druitt-street
Nobbs, Joseph, Publican, York-street
Noble, Eliza, Darling Harbour
Noble, Hugh, Prince-street
Nock, Samuel, Brazier, York-street
Norris, J., Paramatta-road
Norris, John, Stonemason, Church-street, Paramatta
Norris, James, Cumberland-street
+ North, Samuel, Windsor
Norton, James, Castlereagh-street
Norton Isaac, Maitland
Norton, Thomas, H. M. Jail, George-street
Norton, William, Publican, 18, Prince-street
Norton, Nicholas, Fairlight, Penrith
Nott, Edward, Castlereagh-street
Nowlan, William, Patricks Plains, Darlington
Nowlan, Timothy, Maitland
Nowlan, Thomas, Pattersons Plains, Maitland
Nye, Charles, George-street

OAKES, Francis, Church-street, Paramatta
Oatley, J., Watchmaker, George-street
O’Brien, Charles, lllawarra, Campbell Town
O’Brien, Henry, Bathurst
O’Brien, Michael, Dealer, Pitt-street
O’Dell, John, Williams River, Maitland
O’Donnell, John, Clarence-street
O’Donnell,William, Maitland
O’Donnell, William, Maitland
+ Ogilvie, William, Merton, Darlington
Ogilvie, Peter, Maitland
Oliver, Thomas, Prince-street
Oliver, Thomas, Cumberland-street
Oliver, Andrew, Elizabeth-street
O’Mara, John, Bathurst-street
Onions, S., Dealer, Pitt-street
O’Neil, Daniel, Upper Castlereagh-street
O’Neill, William, Castlereagh-street
Onslow, W., Castlereagh-street
Onslow, W., Saddler, George-street
Onus, J., Richmond, Windsor
Onus, Joseph, Campbell Town
Onus, P., Wolombi, Darlington
Orr, James, George-street, Paramatta
Orr, James, Dealer, Kent-street
Orchard, James, Liverpool-street
Orpen, T., .Pattersons Plains, Maitland
O’Reilly, T., Liverpool-street
Orten, James, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Osborne, Henry, lllawarra, Campbell Town
Osborne, William, Elizabeth-street
O’Sullivan, John, Hyde Park
Owen, S., Paramatta
Owen, William, Wiseman’s Reach, Windsor
Owen, Thomas, Upper Pitt-street

PAGET, John, Patricks Plains, Maitland
+ Palmer, John, Waddon Cottage, Paramatta
+ Palmer, G. T., Pemberton Grange, Paramatta
Palmer, John, jun., Richmond Vale, Maitland
Palmer, George, jun., Pemberton Grange, Paramatta
Palmer, Adam, Carpenter, Bathurst-street
Palmer, W. N., Publican, Gloucester-street
Pamington, William, Tailor, Elizabeth-street
Panton, William, Mount Pelier, Campbell Town
Panton, Mrs., Darling Harbour
Panton, John, Darling Harbour
Parker, Colonel, East India Company’s Service, Epping Forest, Campbell Town
Parker, W. S., Port Macquarie
Parker, H. S., Port Macquarie
Parker, James, Bathurst
Parker John, S., Moreton Bay
Parker, Thomas, Shoemaker, Philip-street
Parmeter, J., M.D., Quirosville, Maitland
+ Parry, Sir William E., Macquarie-place, Sydney, and Tahlee, Carrington
Partridge, Stephen, Port Macquarie
Paty, James, George-street
Patterson, C., Prince-street
Patterson, William, Publican, Cambridge-street
Paterson, William, Engineer, George-street
Patrick, John, Campbell Town
Paul, Messrs., George-street
Pawley, William, Tanner, Castlereagh-street
Pawlin, Daniel, Upper Castlereagh-street
Pawly, Hannah, Publican, Gloucester-street
Pawsey, James, Ship Inn, Newcastle
Paynter, James, Lower Portland Head
Payton, Nathaniel, Publican, Paramatta
Peacock, S., Wilberforce, Windsor
Peacock, J., Lower Branch, Windsor
Pearce, Villiers, Bong Bong
Pearson, James, Music Master, Pitt-street
Pendray, William, Tailor, George-street
Pennie and Brodie, Cabinet-makers, Bridge-street
Penton, George, Upper Branch, Windsor
Penson, William, Glendon, Maitland
Penson, Mrs., Prince-street
Peppercorn, J., Eyeball-reach, Maitland
Perkins, E., Clarence-street
+ Perry, Samuel Augustus
Perrier, Henry, Rock Forest, Bathurst
Perrier, David, Rock Forest, Bathurst
Perrit, Isaac, Pattersons Plains, Maitland
Peterson, F., Painter and Glazier, George-street
Peterson, H., Shoemaker, Brickfield-hill
Pethick, John, Steam Engine, Darling Harbour
Pettit, William, Port Macquarie
Petty, Mrs. Martha, Dress-maker and Milliner, Hunter-street
Petty, Thomas, 18, Hunter-street
Phelps,J. C., Kingston Farm, Paramatta-road
Phillips, Michael, O’Connell-street
Phillips, William, Black Creek, Maitland
Phillips, James, Bona Vista, Maitland
Phillips, Mrs. Laundress, Upper Castlereagh-street
Phillips, Thomas, Dealer, Philip-street
Phillips, Charles, Kent-street
Pidding, T., Surgeon, Paramatta
Pierce, John, Upper Castlereagh-street
Pierce, George, Plaisterer, Upper Pitt-street
Pierce, Mathew, Seven Hills, Paramatta
Piesley, John, Publican, Prospect, Paramatta
Pike, John, Seven Hills, Paramatta
Pike, George, Publican, Phillip-street
+ Pike, John, Pickering, Darlington
Pine, J., Dyer, Pitt-street
+ Piper, John, Alloway Bank, Bathurst
Piper, John, jun., Alloway Bank, Bathurst
Piper, J., Sussex-street
Piper, Francis, Dealer, Market-street
Pithers, William, Maitland
Pitt, George, Freeman’s Reach, Windsor
Pitman, G. T., Darling Harbour
Plaistowe, John, Newcastle
Platt, John, Iron Bark Hill, Newcastle
Plunkett, Thomas, Castle Hill, Paramatta
Plunkett, George, Liverpool
Poignand, G. L., Castlereagh-street
Polack, Abraham, London Tavern, George-street
Poole, David, Castlereagh-street
Popham, Richard, Paramatta
Porter, George, Publican, Bricklield-hill
Potter, J. Clarence-street
Potts, J. H., Bank of New South Wales
Powell, Thomas, King-street
Powell, James, Publican, Kent-street
Prentice, J., Maitland
Prentice, Charles, Wallis-plains, Maitland
Prescott, J., Butcher, Pitt-street
Pratt, William, Kells Hill, Belford, Maitland
Prigh, John, Hunters-river
Pringle, John, Darlington
Pringle, J. Piercefield, Maitland
Pritchett, R. C., George-street
Pritchard, Joseph, Paramatta
Pritchard, J., Shoemaker, Pitt-street
Pringle, Charles, Castlereagh
Price, William, Dealer, Clarence-street
Proctor, Richard, Paramatta
Proctor, John, Penrith
Proctor, John, Liverpool
Prout, Cornelius, Elizabeth-street
Purdey, Thomas Elizabeth-street
Purcell, John, Penrith
Pye, John, Paramatta
Pye, James, Windsor-road, Paramatta
Pye, James, Eastern Creek, Paramatta
Pye, Thomas, Bathurst

QUIGLEY, Peter, Dealer, Pitt-street
Quinn, James, Dealer, York-street
Quinn, Eugene, Clarence-street
Quinn, Edmund, Clarence-street

RADFORD, W. H., Ravensfield, Darlington
Rae, W., Saddler, Maitland
Rafter, John, Hair-dresser, Paramatta
Raine, Thomas, Rainville, Collitts Inn
Raine, John, Darling Mills, Paramatta
Raine, Mrs. E., Ladies’ Seminary, O’Connell-street
Ralf, James, Macquarie-street
Ramsay, D., Dobroyd, Sydney
Randall, R., Publican, Richmond, Windsor
Randell, William, King-street
+ Ranclaud, J. St. John, Newton, NeWcastle
+ Rankin, George, Kelloshil, Bathurst
Rapsey, P. H., Gillingham, Windsor
Raphael, Joseph, Manchester Arms, George-street
Rawlins, Daniel, Upper Castlereagh-street
Raymond, James, O’Connell-street
Raymond, James, jun., O’Connell-street
Raymond, William, O’Connell-street
Raymond, J. Crone, O’Connell-street
Read, John, Cottage of Content, Pitt-street
Redfern, William, O’Connell Plains, Bathurst
Redfern, Mrs., Campbellfield, Campbell Town
Reddall, Rev. Thomas, Campbell Town
Reddall, John, Molesmain, Campbell Town
Reddall, Luke, Smeeton, Campbell Town
Redman, John, George-street
Redmond, Edward, Brickfield-hill
Reed, John, Publican, Bathurst-street
Reed, John, Maitland
Reed, John, NeWcastle
Redman, J., Bong Bong
Reiby, Mrs., George-street, and Reiby Farm, Windsor
Reiby, Mrs., Kent-street
+ Reid, David, lnverary Park, Argyle
Reid, Edward, Miniature Painter, Pitt-street
Reid, Mrs. Sussex-street
+ Reid, James, Rosebrook, Maitland
Reid, William, Bong Bong
Reilly, John, Kent-street
Reilly, Mrs., Sussex-street
Reilly, Patrick, Maitland
Reynolds, Edward, Coolah, Bathurst
Reynolds, Thomas, Pitt-street
Reynolds, Mary, Haberdasher, Pitt-street
Reynolds, Thomas, Publican, Paramatta
Reynolds, John, Paterson’s Plains, Maitland
Reyne, John, Kent-street
Richards, T., Publican, Brickfield-hill
Richardson, William, Turner, Clarence-street
Richardson, James, Publican, Cumberland-street
+ Richardson, William, Windsor
Richardson, John, A., Six-mile Creek, Maitland
Richardson, G. D., Harrington-street.
Rickards, John, Haberdasher & Millinery Warehouse, Pitt-street
Richie, Robert, 29, Upper Castlereagh-street
* Riddell, Hon. Campbell Drummond, Hyde Park
Ridge, R., Wilberforce
Ridge, William, Campbell Town
Ridley, John, Dealer, Sussex-street
Rigby, John, Upper Castlereagh-street
Riley, William, Raby, Campbell Town
Riske, Joseph, Penrith
Rhode, Major, Waterloo Mill
Roach, H., Maitland
Roach, Darby, Cumberland~street
Roberts, Charles, Cabinet Maker, Castlereagh-street
Roberts, Thomas, Cabinet Maker, Castlereagh-street
Roberts, C. D., Publican, Paramatta-road
Roberts, William, 89, Goldsmiths' Arms, Pitt-street
Roberts, J., Erskine-street
Roberts, John, Upper Pitt-street
Roberts, William, King’s Arms, Castlereagh-street
Robertson, J., Watchmaker, North Shore, Sydney
Robertson, Archibald, Maitland
Robinson, T. L., Campbell Town
Robinson, Joseph, Upper Pitt-street
Robinson, William, Cumberland-street
Robinson, William, Bathurst
Rochester, John, Publican, Gloucester-street 
Rochford, Martin, Archerfield, Darlington
Rochford, B., Devine’s Farm, Sydney
Rodburn, H., Carpenter, Upper Castlereagh-street
Rodd, Robert, Wollombi, Darlington
Rodd, R. B., Pitt-street
Rodd, J. S., Bathurst
Rogers, G. J., O’Connell-street
Rogers, Walter, Prince-street
Rogers, D., Publican, Cambridge-street
Rogers, John, Cambridge-street
Roper, Thomas, Darlington
Roper, William, Upper Pitt-street
Rookin, Joseph, Minchinbury, Paramatta
Ross, George, Shoemaker, Pitt-street
+ Ross, A. F., Elizabeth-street
Ross, John, Patricks Plains, Maitland
+ Rossi, F. N., Church-hill
Rose, Thomas, Mount Gilead, Campbell Town
Rossiter, W., Upper Pitt-street
Rotton, John, Newington Green, Maitland
Rotton, Walter, Pickville, Maitland
Rouse, John, Vinegar Hill, Windsor-road
Rouse, Richard, Rouse Hill, Windsor-road
Rouse, Richard, Paramatta
Rowe, T. D., Elizabeth-street
Rowell, John, -Druggit and Grocer, George-street
Rowley, John, Castlereagh-street
Rowley, Thomas, Liverpool
Ryan, Thomas, Upper Castlereagh-street
Ryan, Daniel, Pitt-street
Ryan, Michael, Castlereagh-street
Ryan, James, Dealer, Brickfield-hill
Ryan, Thomas, Dealer, Clarence-street
Ryan, Peter, Maitland
Ryder, T. U., Charlotte-place
Ryrie, Stewart, Arnprior, lnverary
Rule, Thomas, Butcher, Upper Pitt-street
Rutledge, John, Carpenter, 32, Castlereagh-street
Rutter, S., Surgeon, Paramatta
Russell, H., Pastrycook, George-street
Russell, James, Ironmonger, George-street

SADLER, William, Liverpool
Sadlier, R., Male Orphan Institution. Liverpool
Sandwell, Edward, Innkeeper, Castlereagh-street
Salter, Thomas. Publican, Clarence-street
Salter, Charles, Publican, Harrington-street
Saunders, William, Chairmaker, Philip-street
+ Savage, G. T., Claremont, Penrith
Scales, R., George-street
Scarr, John, Campbell Town
Scarvell, J ., Wilberforce, Windsor
Scarvell, Clare House, Windsor
Scott, Robert, Glendon, Darlington
+ Scott, Helenus, Glendon, Patrick’s Plains
Scott, Robert, Manning-river
Scott, James, Prince-street
Scott, A. Walter, Ash Island, Newcastle
Scott, Joseph, Campbell Town
Scott, James, Saint Hilliers, Alcorn’s Inn
Scott, John, Invermein, Darlington
Scangoula, J., King-street
Scykes, William, Campbell Town
Seymore, H. F., Richmond, Windsor
+ Sempill, H. C. B., Segonhoe, Alcorn’s lnn
Scougal, J., King-street
Shairp, W., North Shore, Sydney
Sharp, John, Harness-maker, Brickfield Hill
Sharp, W., Butcher, Hunter-street
Shannon, Michael, Castlereagh-street
Shannagan, John, Sussex-street
Shadforth, H. T., Retreat, Campbell Town
Shadforth, T., Adelaide Cottage, Wolomoloo
Shaw, William, Phillip-street
Sheedy, Michael, Kent-street
Sheehy, Myles, Pitt-street
Shepherd, Isaac, Gardener, Sydney
Shepherd, Isaac, Kissing Point, Paramatta
Sheppard, David, Publican, Market-street
Shelly, William, Church-street, Paramatta
Sheridan, Catharine, Maitland
Sherwin, Dr., George-street, Paramatta
Sherman, Robert, York-street
Shipman, John, Butcher, Clarence-street
Shipman, J., Kent-street
Shuttleworth, James, Sussex-street
Shyong, John, Publican, Paramatta
Siddons, Thomas, Watson’s Bay
Silvester, John, Clarence-street
Simmons, James, Jerusalem Warehouse, George-street
Simmons J., Dealer, York-street
Simmons and Co., Dealers, George-street
Simmons, W., Patricks Plains, Darlington
Simms, Thomas, Cabinet-maker, King-street
Simpson, G., Campbell Town
Simpson, G. M., Wallis Plains, Maitland
Simpson, J. E., Maitland
Simpson, Walter, Maitland
+ Simpson, Percy, Wiseman’s Ferry, Windsor
Simpson, Pearson, Haberdasher, Pitt-street
Simpson, Wakefield, Merchant, Newcastle
Sinclair, J. W., Newcastle
Sinclair, Duncan, Williams-river, Maitland
Sinclair, Peter, Williams-river, Maitland
Single, John, Castlereagh, Penrith
Singleton, Benjamin, Boatfalls, Maitland
Singleton, Joseph, Boatfalls, Maitland
Sippi, William, Royal Hotel, George-street
Skinner, John, Upper Castlereagh-street
Slade, James, Publican, George-street
Slade, G. M., Hyde Park
Slater, Thomas, Sussex-street
Slater, Mrs., Dealer, Brickfield-hill
+ Sleeman, George, lllawara, Campbell Town
Sloman & Richardson, Boot & Shoe makers, Pitt-street
Smart, William, Brass-founder, Castlereagh-street
Smart, Thomas, Shoemaker, Upper Pitt-street
Smart, J., Campbell Town
Smeathman, Charles, Upper Pitt-street
Smith, John, Patterson’s Plains, Maitland
Smith, Brothers, Macquarie Place
Smith, J. G., Maitland
Smith, J., M., Publican, Clarence-street
Smith, Mary Ann, Publican, Kent-street
Smith, Benjamin, Shoemaker, Upper Castlereagh-street
Smith, John, Shoemaker, Upper Pitt-street
Smith, Charles, Butcher, George-street
Smith, T., Publican, Liverpool
Smith, J. W., Elizabeth-street
Smith, James, Dealer, Campbell-street
Smith, John, Shoemaker, Sussex-street
Smith, John, Shoemaker, Cumberland-street
Smith, Dr., Pitt-street
Smith, David, Publican, O’Connell-street
Smith, Mrs., Kent-street
Smith, George, Baker, Kent-street
Smith, James, Builder, Paramatta
Smith, Benjamin, Fruiterer, King-street
Smith, Henry, Dealer, Market-street
Smith, William, Dealer, Market-street
Smith, Henry, Watch-maker, Market-street
Smith, James, Emu Plains, Penrith
Smith, William, Paramatta
Smith, Robert, Bringelly, Liverpool
Smith, Robert, Campbell’s River, Bathurst
Smithers, Thomas, Publican, York-street
Smithers, J. , Pitt-street
Smyth, Adam, Abberglasslyn, Maitland
+ Smyth, Henry, Port Macquarie
Snodgrass, Lieut. Colonel, Kent-street
Solomon, John, Publican, Pitt-street
Solomon, V., General Warehouse, George-street
Solomon, Moses, Publican, Windmill-street
Solomon, Lewis, Publican, Campbell Town
+ Spark, A. B., George-street
Sparkes, Edward, Ravensfield, Maitland
Sparks, John, Woodlands, Newcastle
Sparks, J., Australian Hotel, George-street
Spearing,.J. J., Campbell Town
Spearing. J. S., Paul’s Grove, Campbell Town
Spears, James, Clarence-street
Spencer, Mrs., Dress-maker, Pitt-street
Spooner, William, Kent-street
Spray, George, Swan Reach, Maitland
Squire, J. B., Maitland
Stack, Edward, Carter’s Barracks
Staff, John, Schoolmaster, Paramatta
Stafford, Thomas, Newcastle
Stafford, Mrs., Dealer, Market-street
Stanley, John, Blacksmith, Clarence-street
Stanton, Wm., Lodging-house, York-street
Staples, Charles, George-street
Stapleton, Thomas, Windsor
Stapylton, G. W. C., Macquarie-street
Steel, Henry, Philip-street
Steel, Thomas, Macquarie-street
Steel, Thomas, Publican, Market-street
Steel, Thomas, Sussex-street
Steel, W., Miller, Church-hill
+ Steel, Walton, A., Rockley, Bathurst
Stephen, The Hon. John, Punch Bowl, Liverpool
Stephen, Sydney, York-street
Stephen, Francis, Bathurst-street
Stephens and Stokes, Printers, King-street
Stephens, J., Tailor, Clarence-street
Stephenson, John, George-street, Paramatta
Stewart, Major-General, Mount Pleasant, Bathurst
Still, Alexander, Mount York, Collitt’s Inn
Still, Mrs., Prince-street
Stocker, J., George-street
Stone, George, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Strange, Charles, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Stranger, Elias, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
+ Street, John, Woodlands, Bathurst
Stretch, J., Butcher, Liverpool-street
Stronach, John, Maitland
Stronger, Edward, Stoney Creek, Maitland
Stuart, Robert, Tailor, Erskine-street
Stuart, R., Shoemaker, Cambridge-street
Stuart, R., Sailmaker, Prince-street
Stuart, William, William’s River, Maitland
Stubbs, Thomas, Maitland
Stuckey, Peter, Wolondilli, Goulburn
Styles, J. R., Parrimarrig, Bong Bong
+ Sullivan, Benjamin, Thalaba, Maitland
Sullivan, J., Lower Portland Head, Windsor
Sullivan, R., Dealer, King-street
Sullivan, Daniel, Philip-street
Summerfield, E., Wheelwright, Clarence-street
Summerville, J., Sussex-street
Summerville, J., Shipwright, Prince-street
Sutherland, William, Inn—keeper, Liverpool
Suttisway, J ., Dealer, George-street
Suttor, William, Elizabeth-street
Suttor, G. B., Baulkham Hills, Paramatta
Suttor, George, Riversdale, Bathurst
Suttor, William, Chemist, Paramatta
Swain, John, Maitland
Swain, Mrs., Maitland
Swain, John, Mailand
Swan,Joseph, Patricks Plains, Darlington
Swan, W., South Creek, Penrith
Sweeny, Daniel, Kent-street
Sykes, William, Appin, Campbell Town

TABER, Thomas Castlereagh-street
Taber, George, Liverpool
Taber, James, Bringelly
Taggart, J., Prince-street
Talbot, J., Goulburn-street
Tallow, James, Swan Reach, Maitland
Tapper, William, Shoemaker, Castlereagh-street
Tarlington, J., Prospect, Paramatta
Tavenah, William, Dealer, George-street
Tawell, J., Hatter, George-street
Taylor, William, Upper Pitt-street
Taylor, Jones, Prince-street
Taylor, George, Upper Pitt-street
Taylor, J., Haberdasher, George-street
Taylor, Mrs., Laundress, O’Connell-street
Taylor, George, Builder, Upper Castlereagh-street
Taylor, Hugh, Macquarie-street, Paramatta
Taylor, Charles, Castle Hill, Paramatta
Taylor, John, York-street
Tate, George, Spring Hill, Campbell Town
Tate, George, lllawarra, Campbell Town
Tellemache, George, Prince-street
Tennant, William, Erskine-street
Terry, Samuel, Pitt-street
+ Therry, Roger, Hunter-street
Therry, Rev. J. J., Chapel House, Hyde Park
Thomas,William, Shoemaker, Kent-street
Thompson, John, Upper Pitt-street
Thompson, J., Publican, Cumberland-street
Thompson, Joseph, Prince-street
Thompson, William, Tinman, Brickfield Hill
Thompson, James, Dartbrook, Darlington
Thompson, William, Maitland
Thompson,,A., Gunsmith, King-street
Thompson, John, Pitt-street
Thompson, W. A., Backenbour, lnverary
+ Thomson, E. D., Upper Pitt-street
Thomson, J., Bingles Farm, Maitland
Thorpe, Joshua, Cook’s River, Sydney
Thorley, Philip, Patrick’s Plains, Darlington
Thornton, Michael, Erskine-street
Thornton, Samuel, Dealer, King-street
Thornton, Samuel, Publican, George-street
Thorn, John, Macquarie-street, Paramatta
Thornborough, Thomas, Kent-street
Throsby, Charles, Throsby Park, Liverpool
Thurston, William, Publican, Cambridge street
Thurlow, Willam, Lake Lachlan, Maitland
Thurlow, J., Castlereagh street
Timmins, James, Richmond, Windsor
Timmins, James, Butcher, Clarence-street
Tindall, John, Saltwater Creek, Bathurst
Tindall,J. W., Hornsey Wood, Penrith
Tindall, J., Campbell Town
Tingcomb, John, General Store, Paramatta
Tobin, James, Elizabeth-street
Todd, Mathew, Shoemaker, Market street
Todd, George, Dealer, Philip street
Todhunter, William, Bent-street
Tomlins, George, O’Connell-street
Tomkins, Mrs., Seminary, Prince-street
Tompson, Charles, Clydesdale, Penrith
Tompson, Charles, jun., Kent—street
Tompson, Bathurst 
Tongue, Festus, Wolombi, ,Darlington
Toosey, James, George-street
Tooth, John, George-street
Tosh, John, Moreton Bay
Town, John, Richmond, Windsor
Town, John, Patricks Plains, Darlington
Towning, R., Shoemaker, York-street
Townend, J., Castlereagh-street
Townsend, R., York-street
Townsend, George, Union Hall, Darlington
Townsend, J., H.,Union Hall, Darlington
Townsend, Maurice, Union Hall, Darlington
Townsend, T. Scott, George-street
+ Townshend, George, Trevellan, Maitland
Tress, William, Paramatta
Trimbury, William, Liverpool
Trisham, William, Liverpool
Tucker, J., Patricks Plains, Darlington
Tucker, John, Liverpool-street
Tuckerman, W., Wilberforce, Windsor
Tuckwell, William, Paramatta
Tunke, John, Church-street, Paramatta
Turner, Jasper, Yarrilow, Inverary
Turner, Jasper, Publican, Cambridge-street
Turner, George, Upper Pitt-street
Turner, George, Publican, Goulburn-street
Turner, Alexander, Bong Bong
Turner, J. E., Female Factory, Paramatta
Turner, Joseph, Paramatta
Turner, J. E., Custom House Building
Turnbull, Ralph, Lower Portland Head, Windsor
Turnbull, E., Richmond, Windsor
Twigg, James, Castlereagh-street
Tye, John, Liverpool, Windsor

UNDERWOOD, James, Distillery, South Head
Underwood, Thomas, Distillery, South Head
Underwood, Joseph, Ashfield Park, Paramatta road
Unwin, Alfred, Castlereagh street
Unwin, F. W., Pitt street
Urquhart, John, Coachmaker, George-street
Uther, Reuben, Hatter, Pitt-street

VALLOCK,William, Pitt-street
Vardy, John, Campbell Town
Varnet, George, Prince-street
Verge, __, Architect, Bathurst-street
Verge, T., Williams-river, Maitland
Vicars, Mrs., Dealer, Upper Pitt-street
Vine, George, Kirkham, Campbell Town
Vine, Thomas, George-street, Paramatta
Vincent, Rev. J., Bathurst-street
Viret, Francis, George-street
Vivers, Bulwarra, Darlington

WAIGHT, John, Susseex-street
Walker, James, Maitland
Walker, John, Macquarie-street, Paramatta
Walker, Hannah, Dunn-Cow Inn, Paramatta
Walker, William, George-street, Paramatta
Walker, Joseph, Baker, Philip-street
Walker, John, Wheelwright, Paramatta
+ Walker, Thomas, Bunker’s Hill, Sydney
Walker, James, Wollarong, Mount York, Bathurst
+ Wall, C. W., Wallgrove, Penrith
Wall, R., Prospect, Paramatta
Wallace, John, Treasury Chambers, George-street
Wallace, William, Bridge-street
Waller, James, Macquarie-street
Walpole, George, Windsor
Walsh, William, Clarence-street
Walsh, William, Pitt-street
Ward, Mrs., Pitt street
Ward, Thomas, Publican, York street
Warne, C. F., Charlotte Place
Ward, John, Breakfast Point, Paramatta
Wardell, Dr., Petersham, and 20, George street
Warland, W. H., Darlington
Warley, John, Campbell Town
Warmack, Mrs., Upper Pitt street
Walsh, James, Tailor, Pitt-street
+ Warner, Jonathan, Newcastle 
Warren, William, Williams river, Maitland
Warren, Alexander, Jervis Farm, Maitland
Warren, John, Fruiterer, Market-street
Waters, Thomas, Butcher, Pitt-street
Waters, Thomas, Baker, Park-street
Watkins, F., Macquarie Place
Watkins, Thomas, Publican, Brickfield-hill
Watkins, George, Painter, Pitt-street
Watts, Robert, Sussex-street
Watts, Joseph, Upper Pitt-street
Watts, Hercules, Tanner, Philip-street
Watson, Lucinda, Macquarie Place
Watson, Thomas, Watson’s Bay
Watson, B., Hatter, Prince-street
Watsford, J., Coach Proprietor, Paramatta
Wayman, William, Baker, Pitt-street
Wealands, Thomas, Lighthouse, South Head
Weatherman, William, Port Stephens
Weatley, Thomas, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Weavers, Charles, Coachmaker, Castlereagh-street
Webb, R. S., Custom-house Buildings
Webb, John, Shoemaker, Pitt-street
Webb, H., Publican, Clarence-street
+ Webber, J. P., Hunter’s river, Maitland
Webber, J., Carver and Guilder, George-street
Webster, J., Dealer, York-street
Weedon, Thomas, Publican, Harrington-street
Weiss, J., Haberdasher, King-street
Wellman, John, Philip-street
Weller, H., Cleveland House, Sydney
Weller, George, Newcastle
Wells, William, George-Street, Paramatta
Wells, John, Sawyer, Philip-street
Welsh and Boylan, Bookbinders, Philip-street
Welsh, James, Tailor, Pitt-street
Wesh, George, Blacksmith, George-street
Welsh, William, North shore
Wemys, James, Dealer, George-street
Wentworth, William, Vaucluse, and 21, George-street
West, Thomas, Dealer, Kent-street
West, William, Maitland
West, Thomas, Bathurst
West, Joseph, Bathurst
West, Robert, Milkman, Philip-street
Weston, John, Hyde Park
Weston, John, Annandale, Sydney
Weston, M., Paramatta
Wesgott, C., Phillip-street
Westmacott, Captain, A. D. C., Bent-street
Westmacott, Frederick, Liverpool
Westley, Thomas, Maitland
Whalan, Charles, Prospect, Paramatta
Wheeler, Richard, Baker, Castlereagh-street
Wheeler, George, Publican, Phillip-street
Wheeler, John. Dealer, Phillip-street
White, John, Tailor, Cambridge-street
White, John, Clarence-street
White, Isaac, Brassfounder, Kent-street
White, T., Bong Bong
White, James, Ravensworth, Maitland
White, Edward, Patricks Plains, Darlington
White, William, Merton, Darlington
White, William, Wheelwright, Paramatta
White, John, Oil Merchant and Tin Plate Worker, George-street
White, G., Pastry Cook, George-street
White, William, Milkman, Philip-street
White, Japhet, Bathurst
White, G. B., Darlington
White, H. F., Phillip-street
White, C., Dentist, Prince-street
Whitehead, J., Carpenter, Prince-street
Whiteside, Nathaniel, Killashil, Bathurst
Whittaker, Henry, Chemist, George-street, Paramatta
Whittaker, T., Tinman, George-street
Whittaker, Thomas, Publican, Harrington-street
Whyte, William, Moreton Bay
Wickham, F., Wallis Plains, Maitland
Wild, John, Vanderville, Liverpool
Wilford, Thomas, Sussex-street
Wilkes, J., Macquarie Place
Wilkins, C., Publican, Liverpool-street
Wilkins, Thomas, Concord, Paramatta
Wilkins, W., Clarence-street
Wilkins, Charles, Publican, Brickfield Hill
Wilkinson, Rev. T., Hambledon Academy, Windsor-Rd
Wilkinson, W. B., Belin, Maitland
Williams, J., Dealer, Castlereagh-street
Williams, Isaac, Builder, Cumberland-street
Williams, Mrs., Kent-street
Williams, G., Baker, Upper Castlereagh-street
Williams, G., Leigh Farm, Maitland
Williams, William, Upper Pitt-street
Williams, Richard, Liverpool-street
Williams, H., Publican, King-street
Williams, Thomas, Baker, Market-street
Williamson, J., Castlereagh-street
Willis, Joseph, Dealer, York-street
Willis, Thomas, Lodging House, Cumberland-street
Willis, Thomas, Publican, Cambridge-street
Willoughby, G., Blacksmith, Clarence-street
Wills, Thomas, Varroville, Campbell Town
Wills, John, Wheelwright, George-street
Wills, Horatio, Upper Pitt-street
Wills, J., Sawyer, Phillip-street
Wilson, Charles, Castlereagh-street
Wilson, G., Carpenter, Upper Castlereagh-street
Wilson, William, Erskine-street
Wilson, C., Glenfield, Liverpool
Wilson, James, Elizabeth-street
Wilson, C. and F., General Warehouse, George-street
Wilson, Charles, Engraver, George-street
Wilson, J., Dealer, Phillip-street
Wilson, William, Prince-street
Wilson William, Port Macquarie
Wilson, Rev. C. P. N., Parsonage, Newcastle
Wiltshire, Richard, Publican, Elizabeth-street
Wiitshire, James, Tanner, Brickfield Hill
Wiltshire, W. P., Brickfield Hill
Winder, T. W. M., Windermere, Maitland
+ Windeyer, C., Elizabeth-street
Windeyer, C. J ., Williams River, Maitland
Winters, James, Kent-street
Wiseman, Solomon, Wiseman’s Ferry, Windsor
+ Wolstonecroft, Edward, George-street
Wood, John James, Upper Castlereagh-street
Wood, Lieutenant, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Wood, J., jun., Maitland
Wood, John, Lowther, Collett’s Inn
Wood, Thomas Tinman, George-street
Wood, John, Publican, George-street
Wood, Thomas, Publican, London Bridge, George-st.
Wood, John, Maitland
Wood, J. and Co., Oil Merchants & Tin Plate Workers, George-street
Wood Charles, Brassfounder, Market-street
Wood, John, Tailor, Hunter-street
Woodford, George, Upholsterer, Pitt-street
Woodhouse, Mrs., Campbell Town
Woodley, J ., Baker, Clarence-street
Worgan, J. N., Well-street
Worley, Richard, Butcher, Market-street
Wright, Thomas, Emu Plains, Penrith
Wright, Samuel, Paramatta
Wright, George, Painter, Kent-street
Wright, Thomas, Kent-street
Wright, Thomas, Erskine-street
Wright, J. W., Liverpool-street
Wright, Charles, Medway-Rivulet, Bong Bong
Wright. J. W., Baulkham Hills, Paramatta
Wright, Edward, Bong Bong
Wright, Samuel, Bengallen, Maitland
Wright, John, Baker, Philip-street
Wright, Mrs., Paramatta-road
Wright, J., Sussex-street
Wright, James, Brewer, Brickfield Hill
Wright, G., Baker, Upper Castlereagh-street
Wrotsley, Thomas, Wallis Plains, Maitland
Wyatt, William, Shoe Warehouse, Pitt-street
Wyatt, Joseph, Haberdasher, Pitt-street
Wyatt, T. Haberdasher, George-street
Wyer, Jacob, Publican, York-street
Wyer, Joseph, Ropemaker, Elizabeth-street
Wylde, John, Cawder, Campbell Town
Wylde, James, Macquarie-street
+ Wyndham, G., Dalwood, Maitland
+ Wynter, William, Manning River
Wyse, John, Bathurst-street

YATES, William, Butcher, Market-street
Yates, Edward, Goulburn-street
Yates, Rev. J., Paramatta
Yates, Joseph, Shoemaker, Upper Castlereagh-street
Yeomans, George, Maitland
Yeomans, Richard, Innkeeper, Maitland
Young, James, Castlereagh-street
Young, Robert, Newcastle

ZADOCK, Aaron, General Dealer, Cambridge-street

Source: The New South Wales Calendar and General Post Office Directory, 1832; Sydney,Stephen & Stokes,1832.

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