NSW Return of All Convicts Assigned Between the 1st of January and 31st March, 1832 - Part III - J-N



Part III.

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them.

582. JONES GEORGE, Royal Admiral cabinet and chair carver, to Charles Roberts, Sydney

583. Jones William, Nithsdale, blacksmith, to William Dumaresq, Hunter's River

584. Jones Elias, Mellish, quarryman, to John Wood, Maitland

585. Irvine William, Manlius, quarryman, to H. Donnison, Sydney

586. Jiffords John, Asia, stone sawyer, to Major Lockyer, Parramatta

587. Jones Robert, America, bricklayer, to Henry Marr, Sydney

588. Joyce Martin, Marquis Huntly, labourer, to G. C. Curlewis, Argyle

589. Jenkins Thomas, Guildford, farmer's labourer to William Bateman, senior, Parramatta

590. Johnston John, York, knife boy, to J. H. Hart, Sydney

591. Jennings Benjamin, Surry (5), sweep, to Lieut. Colonel Dumaresq, Hunter's River

592. Jones William, Minstrel, comedian, to Thomas Spicer, Sydney

593. Jeffrey Robert, England, tailor's boy, to William Bradley, Argyle

594. James William, Champion, brass founder, to Andrew Brown, Bathurst

595. Jones Robert, Marquis Huntly (3), blacksmith, to William Jacklin, Lower Portland Head

596. Johnston James, Eliza, tinman, to John Tarlington, Prospect

597. Johnston George, layton, lamplighter, labourer, to John White, Sydney

598. Ivory Thomas, Ferguson, ploughs, &c., to D. F. Mackay, William's River

599. Jones Thomas, America, painter's boy, to William Hall, Maitland

600. Johnson William, Nithsdale, sailor, to Andrew McDougall, Patrick's Plains

601. Jones John, Countess Harcourt, slater, to William O'Donnell, Maitland

602. Ivory Michael, Norfolk (3), errand boy, to Robert Lowe, Bringelly

603. Johnson Isaac, Asia (9), ploughs, sows, to William Guise, Liverpool

604. Jerroms William, Asia (9). ploughs, sows, to Robert McIntosh, Sydney

605. Jones Henry, Asia (9), soap boiler, to John Mackie, Sydney

606. Johnson William, Asia (9), seaman, to William Wentworth, Vaucluse

607. Jones Samuel, Asia (9), labourer, to William Wentworth, Vaucluse

608. Johnson John, Asia (9), sieve maker, to Peter Fitzpatrick, Hardwick

609. Joy John, Asia (9), watch maker, malster, to Helenus Scott, Glendon

610. Jones William, Asia (9), stableman, to Capt. Maxwell, Sydney

611. Jeffries James, Asia (9), ostler, to Ruben Uther, Sydney

612. Jeffrey John, Asia (6), errand boy, to Frederick Meridith, Banks' Town

613. Johnson or Goodwill Andrew, Recovery, reaper, to James Wright, Sydney

614. James Thomas, Ocean (1), sail maker, to Ensign C. Mider, 17th Regiment

615. James Thomas, Ocean (1), sail maker, to Roger Shear, Lower Branch

616. Jenkins William, Prince Regent, farm laborer, to Henry Kiernan, Dart Brook

617. Jose James, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c. to L. Macalister, Argyle

618. Jones William, Isabella (4), ploughman, to Capt. Currel, R. N.

619. Jordan John, Isabella (4), butcher and porter, to John Pike, Hunters River

620. Johnson David, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

621. Jackson James, Isabella (4), sawyer, to Dr. Mitchell, Sydney

622. Jones John, Asia (9), tinman, to D. Drummond, Woolloomoolloo

623. KELLY William, Ferguson, carpenter and joiner, to Aspinall and Co., Sydney

624. Kierman John, Katherine, Stewart Forbes, whitesmith and bell hanger, A. L. Pattison, Sydney

625.* Kilpatrick John, Lord Melville, bookbinder, to William McGarvie, Sydney

626. Keys Thomas, John, stone cutter, to E. C. Atkinson, Walls Grove

627. Keogh Edward, Bussorah Merchant, comb maker, to Edward Biddulph, Commander Sophia Jane

628. Kelly Edward, Research, groom, &c., to Andrew Gibsone, Goulburn Plains

629. Keane Martin, Bussorah Merchant, shoe-maker, to Henry Rae, Maitland

630. Kelly William, Larkins, in-door Servant, to Henry Donnison, Sydney

631. Kinch Peter, Countess Harcourt, in-door servant, to George Sippe, Sydney

632. Kilpatrick John, Lord Melville, book binder, to William Moffat, Sydney

633. Kelly Martin, Governor Ready, ploughman, to Major Rhode, Waterloo Mill

634. Kaine Hugh, Morley (4), stone mason, J.Thomson, Sydney

635. Kenny John, Borodino, ploughs, &c, to George Druitt, Mount Druitt

636. Kelly Robert, Isabella, ploughs, &c., to John Johnson Sydney

637. Keane John, Phœnix (3), errand boy, to Timothy Hoy, near Liverpool

638. Keife John, Andromeda, ploughs, &c., to J. K. Hume, Appin

639. Kelliger Maurice, Borodino, paviour and labourer, to James Walker, Wallalang

640. King William, Henry, ploughman, to William Bowman, Richmond

641. Kelly John, Morley (4), farm servant, to G. Townshend, Trevallyn

642. Kerward James, Mangles (5), waterman, to George Gouldsmith, Wollombi

643. Kennedy John, Marquis Hastings, ironfounder, to John Thomson, Maitland

644. Keefe Michael, Norfolk (5), ploughman, to Charles Thomson, South Creek

645. Keaghane Daniel, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to H. P. Dutton, Hunter's River

646. Kenny Anthony, Norfolk (3), labourer, to James Cox, Banks' Town

647. Keating Michael, Norfolk (3), labourer, to A. Turner, Argyle

648. Kenny Patrick, Norfolk (3), carter, to John Dight, Parramatta

649. Knight James Norfolk (8), ginger brewer and porter, to Sarah Redfern, Airds

650. Keane William, Norfolk (3), soldier and cotton spinner, to Thomas Wilks, Lower Minto

651. Kennedy John, Norfolk (3), shoemaker, to G. R. Nichols, Sydney

652. Kent William, Asia (9), weaver, stableman, to William Lithgow, Sydney

653. Kerrison Edward or Edmond, Asia (9), sweep and fisherman, to James Edlestone, Hartland

654. Knight John, Hindostan, house servant, to John Norman, Sydney

655. Kerrigan William, Bussorah Merchant, labourer, to George Bunn, Sydney

656. Knowles Samuel, Lord Melville, blacksmith's apprentice, to James Scarnell, Wilberforce

657. King John, Albion, silk dresser, to Donald McLeod, Argyle

658. Kelly Charles, Morley (4), servant and coach man, to W. J. Jay (Customs), Sydney

659. Kelly James, Recovery (2), painter and glazier, to F. C. L. Thompson, Camden

660. Kenny William, Isabella (4), dealer, to J. Robinson, North Shore

661. King Stephen, Isabella (4), shoemaker, to William Kerns, Airds

662. Kirkwood Robert, Isabella (4), millwright, to Mary Raine, Parramatta

663. Keely James, Guildford (8), silk weaver, to Cornelius Prout, Sydney

664. Kinch Peter, Countess Harcourt, house servant, to Chief Justice Forbes, Sydney

665. LEWELLAN Thomas, Dunvegan Castle, plane maker and carpenter, to William Innes, Maitland

666. Laird John, Royal Charlotte, nailer, to Daniel Morris, Sydney

667. Lupton William, Katherine Stewart Forbes, pit sawyer, to Cornilus O'Brien, Illawarra

668. Lewis Henry, Guildford, top and pit sawyer, to John Buckland, Illawarra

669. Leary Thomas, Larkins, mason, to Terence Murray, Erskine Park

670. Larkwood James, John stone cutter, to Henry Marr, Sydney

671. Long William, Lady Faversham, stonecutter, to W. M. Bowden, Kissing Point

672. Lynch Timothy, Asia (8), ploughs, to Thomas Pye, Bathurst

673. Looney John, Asia (8), hammerman, to Terence Murray, Argyle

674. Larkins Patrick, Asia (8), fisherman, to William Pawley, Sydney

675. Long George, Bussorah Merchant (2), baker, to James Reid, Hunter's River

676. Lloyd John, Dunvegan Castle, blacksmith, to J. and H. Ryrie, Murray

677. Langdon Robert, Georgiana, gunsmith, to James Nicholson, Sydney

678. Lewis George, York, methodist preacher and sawyer, to Lieut. Colonel Dumaresq, Hunter's River

679. Lenford William, Royal George, brass founder, to W. D. Tarlingion, Prospect

680. Lee Philip, Countess Harcourt, blacksmith's boy, to William Somerfield, Sydney

681. Leary Cornelius, Mangles (2), waiter, to Andrew Gibson, Argyle

682. Laurence James, Grenada, stable boy, to L. Macalister, Argyle

683. Lencock Levy, Marquis Hastings, tailor, to John Liscombe, Bathurst

684. Lark Michael, Boyne, farm man, to John Leak, Bathurst

685. Lane Charles, Claudine, miner, to John Howe, Windsor

686. Lawler James, Andromeda, farm boy, to D. F. Mackay, Williams' River

687. Lynch Laurence, Fortune (2), servant, to George Townshend, Williams' River

688. Loughman John, Norfolk (8), farm labourer, to Francis Reynolds, Sydney

689. Lulor John, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to John Terry, Box Hill

690. Lavan Michael, Norfolk (3), ploughman and shepherd, to William Hayes, South Creek

691. Lewis Michael, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to James Glennie, Darlington

692. Linehan Daniel, Norfolk (8), ploughman, to John Palmer, jun., Richmond

693. Lyons Patrick, Norfolk (3), ploughman and shepherd, to Edward Jones, Sydney

694. Lonergan James, Norfolk (3), carter and policeman, to Benjamin Sullivan, Williams' River

695. Lamb William, Norfolk (3), carter and labourer, to Sarah Galvin, Upper Minto

696. Lahy Robert, Norfolk (8), errand boy, to General Stewart, Bathurst

697. Larkin James, Norfolk (3), in-door servant, to Mary Raine, Parramatta

698. Lynch William, Norfolk (3), butcher, to John Coghill, Kirkham

699. Ludd John, Asia (9), ploughs, to Frederick Manton, Yass Plains

700. Lewsey John, Asia (9), ploughs, to Robert Pymble, Lane Cove

701. Lovatt Samuel, Asia (9), ploughs, to James Reid, Hunter's River

702. Lea John, Asia (9), warehouseman, to Thomas Dangar, Maitland

703. Lee George, Asia (9), errand boy, to Frederick Manton, Yass Plains

704. Lee William, Asia (9), groom and servant, to William Dawes, Sydney

705. Lewis William George, Asia (9), errand boy, to James Hamilton, Sydney

706. Lynn John, Asia (2), butcher, to William Stewart, Sydney

707. Linacre Thomas, America, plumber and glazier, to J. H. Edwards, Brisbane Water

708. Loobey Michael, Governor Ready, ploughs, reaps to William Lithgow, Sydney

709. Lennox Richard, Waterloo, hawker, to J. G. Colyer, Sutton Forest

710. Lee Henry, Grenada, waggoner, to William Shean, Sydney

711. Law Samuel, Lord Melville, knife grinder, to George Cavenagh, Sydney

712. Lane Henry, Countess Harcourt, miller, to Thomas Barker, Sydney

713. Lewis Solomon, Vittoria, stable boy, to William Kerr, Sydney

714. Lazarus Lewis, Isabella (1), tailor, to J. Larnach, Patrick's Plains

715. Lewis Thomas, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c., to Sarah Erskine, Erskine Park

716. Laurence William, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c., to William Longford, Sydney

717. Lane James, Isabella (4), ploughs, &c., to Richard Wiseman, Wollombi

718. Lequer William or Leguire, Isabella (4), light porter, to William Brown, Appin

719. Lucas Charles, Isabella (4), cloth dresser, to Simeon Lord, Sydney

720. Luke James, Isabella (4), skinner and glover, to Henry Perrier, Bathurst

721. Lee John, Isabella (4), miner, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

722. MABERLY John, Nithsdale, carpenter, to H. Donnison, Sydney

723. Marshall James, Royal Admiral, joiner, to Thomas Everenden, Bathurst

724. M'Guire Terence, Forth, carpenter, to James Glennie, Hunter's River

725. Mackenzie William, America, nailor, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

726.* Miller William, Nithsdale, blacksmith, to Judge Dowling, Sydney

727. McPherson John, Countess Harcourt, smith, to Thomas Hore, O'Connel Plains

728. Morris George, Lady Faversham, gunsmith, to James Nicholson, Sydney

729. Mahony James, Hercules, gunsmith, to James Larnack, Patrick's Plains

730. Moore Joseph, Katherine Stewart Forbes, nailer, to Mary Raine, Parramatta

731. McGrain Nathaniel, Mangles (5), nailer, to Robert Futter, Argyle

732. Moore John, Countess Harcourt, stone cutter, to J. E. Manning, Sydney

733. Mather Robert, Mermaid, stone cutter, to Richard Jones, M. C., Sydney

734. Marsh John, Marquis Hastings, stone cutter, W. C. Wentworth, Vaucluse

735. McKenna or Kennon Thomas, Hercules, mason, to R. and H. Scott, Hunter's River

736. McMamer Charles, James Pattison, brass founder, to William Greenland, Sydney

737. Mason Edward, Morley, saddler, to Berry and Company, Sydney

738. Mathews Michael, Bussorah Merchant, plough-man, to Berry and Company, Sydney

739. Mitchell William, Surry (5), ploughman, to Lieut. Colonel Dumaresq, Hunter's River

740. McDonald Anthony, Surry (5), shoemaker, to William Thomas Jameson, Cabramatta

741. Milward William or Randall, Surry (5), fell-monger, &c., to James Devlin, Kissing Point

742. Murphy James, Asia (8), ploughs, to William Lane, Bathurst

743. McInerney Austin, Asia (8), labourer, to William Rosetti, Stonequarry

744. Morissey James, Asia (8), labourer, to J. R. Cleeve, Wickham, Liverpool

745. Murphy Richard, Bussorah Merchant, blacksmith, to John Hosking, Sydney

746. Murphy Charles, Bussorah Merchant, carpenter, to Frederick Jones, lllawarra

747. Murray William, Bussorah Merchant, carpenter, to William Dunn, Patterson's Plains

748. Miller William, Nithsdale, blacksmith, to Thomas Bertie, Williams' River

749. Marshall William, York, iron-founder, &c., to J. Prescott, Sydney

750. McCowen Hugh, Nithsdale, blacksmith, to S. North, Windsor

751. More, or Mure, John, errand boy, to Australian Agricultural Company, Port Stephens

752. McKenzie James, Minerva (4), linen weaver, to James Underwood, Sydney

753. Miller William, Burrell, house-painter, to W. Cox, junior, Hobart Ville

754. Mahoney James, Borodino, labourer, &c., to George Blackett, Liverpool

755. McMahon Andrew, Governor Ready, tailor, to John Kelly, Black Wattle Swamp

756. Metzgar Charles, Fiorentia, sailor and labourer, to Hamilton Hume, Appin

757. Minton William, Hooghley, in-door servant, to B. C. Rodd, Sydney

758. McDonald John, Mangles (5), house carpenter, to Thomas Icely, Bungarrabee

759. Munroe Thomas, Mangles (3), errand boy, to William Sherwin, Parramatta

760. Masterton Edward, Borodino, rope maker, to William Ogilvie, Hunter's River

761. Mahoney Patrick, Forth, labourer, to Henry McKeon, Soldiers'Point

762. McCarthy Denis, Ferguson, in-door servant, to Elizabeth Kelly, Sydney

763. Morris William Henry, Albion (2), glass blower, to James Foulcher, Parramatta

764. Murphy Mathew, Larkins, labourer, &c., to Edward Fegan, Sydney

765. McCarthy Michael, Governor Heady, errand boy, to James McDonald, Pitt Town

766. Miller, Thomas, Lord Melville, blacksmith, to John Lamb, Sydney

767. McDaniel Michael, Ferguson, turner and carpenter, to Samuel North, Windsor

768. Murphy, or Reach, John, Ferguson, cooper's apprentice, to William Walker and Co., Sydney.

769. Martin Michael, Governor Ready, wheel-wright, to C. L. Brown, Jerry's Plains

770. Mitchell William, Eliza (4), servant, butler, and cook, to John McArthur, Camden

771. Mears John, Midas, gun-barrel maker, to John Abbot, Windsor

772. McLoughlin James, or Jones, Surry (4), picture-frame maker, to James Macarthur, Camden

773. Macalister William, Minerva (5), soldier, to George Barber, Argyle

774. McKenzie Andrew, Princess Royal, bleacher, to George Barber, Argyle

775. McMurtery Daniel, Governor Ready, plough-man, to George Blackett, Bathurst

776. Macreatly Hugh, Asia (6), errand boy, to H. G. Watson, Brisbane Water

777. Mathews James, Marquis Hastings, plough-man, to George Bowman, Richmond

778. McGrinty Daniel, Henry Porcher, hatter, to George Bowman, Richmond

779. McElevie John, Almorah, tailor, to Peter Mclntyre, Bulwarra

780. Managan Michael, Mangles (4), errand boy, to Lawrence Miles, Hunter's River

781. McGarvey James, America, ploughman, to William Caswell, Port Stephens

782. Murphy James, Brampton, rope maker and butcher, to James Cox, Maitland

783. Mahoney John, Countess Harcourt, tailor, to Alexander Busby, Hunter's River

784. McFadden Dennis, Phœnix, soldier, to Edward Kealy, Hunter's River

785. Maunns John G., England, waterman, to John Howell, Wollombi

786. Myers William, Surry (1), soldier, to Andrew McDougall, Patrick's Plains

787. M'Cormick, Dennis, Mangles (2), soldier, to George Townshend, Hunter's River

788. Morgan George, Layton, pewterer, to Mary A. Sparke, Hunter's River

789. Murphy Martin, Governor Ready, farm labourer, to Mary A. Sparke, Hunter's River

790. McGrath Henry, Marquis Wellington, labourer, to William Innes, Hunter's River

791. McDonald Thomas, Katherine Stewart Forbes, tailor, to P. Atchison, Sydney

792. Mackey Edward, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Widow Cope, Windsor

793. Murphy Peter, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Estate of J. Campbell, Sydney

794. Minehan Sylvester, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to John Dickson, Steam Engine

795. M'Mahon James, Norfolk (3), doctor and cattle dealer, to Michael Henderson, Roslyn

796. Minehan Dennis, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to J. E. Manning, Sydney

797. Money John, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Francis Rossi, Sydney

798. Manion Patrick, Norfolk (3), ploughman, to Thomas Cowper, Clifton

799. Magner James, Norfolk (3), tailor, to Rev. T. Hassall, Cooke

800. Mullins John, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Charles Coleman, Airds

801. Malley Patrick (1), Norfolk (3), boatman and labourer, to J. E. Manning, Sydney

802. Mally Peter, Norfolk (3), labourer, to James Bloodsworth, Sydney

803. Mally Austin, Norfolk (3), labourer, to William Pendergast, Airds

804. Monely Samuel, Norfolk (3), labourer, to John Prendergast, Airds

805. Mally Patrick (2), Norfolk (3), labourer, to Nathaniel Boon, Airds

806. Moran Francis or Noonan, Norfolk (3), labourer, to John White, at Mr. Marsden's, Sydney

807. Meehan Thomas, Norfolk (3), labourer, to Thomas Cowper, Clifton

808. Mallagan Denis, Norfolk (3), labourer and groom, to Harris King, South Creek

809. McGrath Michael, Norfolk (3), stableman and labourer, to John Nicholson, Bong Bong

810. Minahan John, Norfolk (3), labourer and carter, to Rev. T. Hassall, Cooke

811. Murphy Denis, Norfolk (3), carter, to Harriet King, South Creek

812. Morris Dudley, Norfolk (3), labourer, to William Elyard, Bulwarra

813. McCarthy Denis, Norfolk (3), stoker, to John Hillas, Argyle

814. Maylan Edward, Norfolk (3), in-door servant, to Mary Raine, Sydney

815. McDermott Thomas, Norfolk (3), servant and groom, to Mr. Justice Stephen, Sydney

816. McGarey Peter, Norfolk (3), groom, to James Hale, Windsor

817. Morrissy John, Norfolk (3), groom, to Francis Stephen, Sydney

818. Madegan James, Norfolk (3), pressman and editor, to A. E. Hayes, Sydney

819. Murphy Thomas, Norfolk (3), whitesmith and bellhanger, to W. & J. Ryrie, St. Vincent

820. Malen Joseph, Asia (9), ploughs, &c., to John Gilchrist, Sydney

821. Mann Thomas, Asia (9), miller and farmer, to Robert Pringle, Maitland

822. Molloy Edward, Asia (9), violin string maker, to Robert Pymble, Lane Cove

823. Morris John, Asia (9), butchers' boy, to James Reid, Hunter's River

824. Magnus Maurice, Asia (9), salesman, to Cooper and Levy, Sydney

825. Marshall Thomas, Asia (9), labourer, to Cooper and Levy, Sydney

826. Munden George, Asia (9), printers' pressman, to E. S. Hall, Sydney

827. Mavelly William, Asia. (9), stone mason, to T. McQuoid, Sydney

828. Marriner Mathew, Asia (9), sawyer, to Dr. Wardell, Petersham

829. Mann Charles, Asia, (9), turner and carpenter, to Alexander Livingstone, Hunter's River

830. Mulheady Patrick, Brampton, sheep shearer, to Patrick Coulson, Campbelltown

831. Murray Edward, Guildford, (8), carpenter, to T. Flanagan, Bateman's Bay

832. Meyrick Patrick, Asia (8), sweep, to John Langdon, Sydney

833. Myer John, Asia (4), butcher, to John Langdon, Sydney

834. Mooney Laurence, Mangle (5), carter, to Thomas Campbell, Upper Minto

835. McGee Henry, Regalia, errand boy, to John Izzard, Windsor

836. Miller James, Canada, weaver, to Mary Marshall, Sydney

837. Minham James, Phœnix (4), poulterers' boy, to Mathew Chapman, Hunter's River

838. McMahon Peter, England, road maker and quarryman, to James Raymond, Sydney

839. McEIligott Thomas, Hadlow, merchant and clerk, to E. C. Close, Hunter's River

840. Muller John, Isabella (4), ploughman, &c., to John Warby, Airds

841. Mathews Thomas, Isabella (4), ploughman, &c., to Alexander Chisholm, Lower Minto

842. McCullock William, Isabella (4), ploughs and reaps, to William Lawson, jun., Bathurst

843. Mcllydon, or Lynden, John, Isabella (4), farm labourer, to Samuel Lovely, Airds

844. Murray Joseph, Isabella (4), warehouse labourer and seaman, to Richard Jones, Hunter's River

845. McFilley, or McPhillay, Peter, Isabella (4), labourer, to George Suttor, Baulkham Hills

846. McKichnie Thomas, Isabella (4), soldier, to William McLaren, Hunter's River

847. Mathew (a black), Isabella (4), baker, to James Belamy, Castle Hill

848. Manly Charles, Isabella (4), groom, to William Bradley, Goulburn Plains

849. Martin Michael, Isabella (4), butcher, to William Merritt, Sydney,

850. McGerreson George, Isabella (4), slater, to F. C. L. Thompson, Camden

851. Morgan Thomas, Isabella (4), stonemason, to E. C. Close, Hunter's River

852. McCartney Thomas, Isabella (4), stone cutter, to A. B, Spark, Sydney

853. Millard Jesse, Isabella (4), plasterer, to Dr. Fattorini, Sydney

854. McGowan John, Isabella (4), shoemaker, &., to Charles Throsby, Glenfield

855. Macbean William, Isabella (4), gardener, to R Smith, R. N., Sydney

856. McDermott Denis, Eliza (3), tallow chandler, to John Wheeler, Sydney

857. NOONAN James, Governor Ready, black-smith, to A. K. Mackenzie, Bathurst

858. Nash Ralph, Forth, wheelwright, to Sir John Jamison, Regent Ville

859. Nairne Robert, Minstrel, painter and glazier, to Major Lockyer, Parramatta

860. Newman John, Surry (5), sweep, to Michael Philips, Sydney

861. Needbam Frederick, Albion, bargeman, to Major Rhode, Waterloo Mills

862. Nixon Thomas, John (2), weaver, to John Lane, Parramatta

863. Nichols or Duffy Michael, Countess Harcourt, pipe maker, to George Brown, Sydney

864. Nightengale Edward, John, hairdresser, to Thomas Markwell, Richmond

865. Nowland Thomas, Boyne, farm labourer to Roger Connor, Wilberforce

866. Neighbour James, Dick, labourer, to William Bowman, Richmond

867. Nowlan Patrick, Borodino, ploughman, to F. Allman, Maitland

868. Nichols, Henry, Norfolk (3), painter's boy, to William Whafs, Parramatta

869. Nowlan John, Norfolk (3), servant, to William Dangar, Hunter's River

870. Neale Robert, Asia (9), stockman, to Elizabeth Pitt, Richmond

871. Nichill Peter, Apia (8), grocer and spirit dealer, to Robert Ryan, Sydney

872. Noon James, Bussorah Merchant, black-smiths' apprentice, to James Rogers, Bringelly

873. Nimmo James, Manlius, farm labourer, to James King (for his farm), Sydney

874. Nelson John, Asia, fishmonger, to Robert Cooper, Sydney

875. Neilson Thomas, Isabella (4), spadesman, to Mary Cope, Windsor

876. Northwood William, Isabella (4), groom, &c., Henry Donnison, Sydney

877. Nott Francis, Isabella (4), butcher, to John Jobbins, ditto

878. Nobbs Job, Isabella (4), shoemaker, to H.  C. Burnell, Argyle


Principal Superintendent of Convicts' Office, }

2d June, 1832. }

Note.—Those marked * have been re-assigned, the first Assignees having either refused or neglected to send for them,

(To be continued)


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